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  1. clixpix

    Our Fran (rapunzel47)

    I had the privilege of getting to know Fran a bit better during my time as a Mod. The world has lost a kind, warm, intelligent, talented, and caring woman. Fran always had a kind word for everyone, and always "got" my sometimes screwy sense of humor! I'm going to miss you Fran, but I know you...
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  4. clixpix

    Report post function for trolls, spam, etc..

    It never hurts to report a post. We see each report, and we do discuss it, so you're not getting anyone in trouble (unless they deserve to be ).
  5. clixpix

    PLEASE sign petition to have cat killer (antifreeze) fired from Ntl Zoo!

    I signed, and I was #991! Only nine more to go!
  6. clixpix

    Brown mystery kitten!

    Wow! Gorgeous kitty! I've never seen that color pretty!
  7. clixpix

    New foster kittens

    Aww, good luck Eileen! At least they're young, so that's helpful! I'm currently fostering a sweet mom and seven social babies...what a treat for a change!
  8. clixpix


    Chris! How shocking! I read between the asterisks
  9. clixpix


    You're joking, right? IMO people complain too much. In all honesty, a respectful word to the librarian at the time would have been more effective, and possibly achieved results. A letter sent days later would achieve very little. Posting it here without contacting the library achieves nothing...
  10. clixpix

    Happy Birthday babyharley!

    Happy birthday Kenz! Make it a great one!
  11. clixpix

    Happy Birthday Kiwideus!

    Happy birthday Kellye! I hope it was a great day for you!
  12. clixpix

    What makes you happy?

    This week what has made me happy is that McDoogle, my newest foster boy's triple test was negative! No more cage for him! Unfortunately he is horribly matted, and will require the dreaded "lion cut", but this too shall pass. But in general, my kitties, my family, photography, and lately...
  13. clixpix

    Happy Birthday Captiva!!!!

    Happy birthday Chris!!! I hope you had a great day!!!
  14. clixpix

    Would This Be Safe To Eat?

    I think it would just be stale...I wouldn't eat it. I'd also be afraid that by now it would have mealworms or something. My rule of thumb is if you have to actually decide if it's safe to eat, it's time it was thrown out.
  15. clixpix

    Holy beefy lens!

    Oh, but it's a thing of beauty, isn't it?
  16. clixpix

    Happy Birthday clixpix!!

    Thanks everybody! I had a great day watching my Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl...that makes for a fantastic birthday!
  17. clixpix

    cat fan

    Holy cow, are those cute!!! I'm by no means a person who collects cat-themed things...not by a long shot...but that's adorable!
  18. clixpix

    TCS's New Mentors!!!

  19. clixpix

    29th Song on your MP3

    All Revved Up With No Place to Go ~ Meatloaf
  20. clixpix

    Game - Slap the Keyboard

    Shy losers bring little blue herons yftdxs