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  1. rascalshadownj2

    Dangerous Illness In Cats-Ascites In Cats

    I was checking some email the other night and happened to find this article about a fluid build up in cats called, Ascites. This is a pretty dangerous condition, and a lot of cats do not recover from Ascites. It can be painful too. I'll post a couple of links to the articles I found on the...
  2. rascalshadownj2

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Just thought I would pop in to wish everyone and their fur babies a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you and your cat(s) have a fun filled, day, with lots of love, luck, and joy! All The Best, Nancy, Shadow, Rascal, and Gidget
  3. rascalshadownj2

    Environmental Petition- Please Sign

    Hi All. :wave3: Don't worry. I am not asking for any money. I am just posting a petition to end the use of plastic in pet foods. As you know plastic is everywhere. Especially when it comes to pet food companies putting their wet pet food in plastic containers. I have started a petition to this...
  4. rascalshadownj2

    Happy New Year!

    :rbheart: This Christmas was a bit hectic, so I'm just now getting around to posting my Happy New Year message. Hope everyone here had a nice Christmas, and I hope everyone and their fur babies are having a peaceful, happy and healthy 2020! God bless everyone, and their fur babies. Hope you have...
  5. rascalshadownj2

    Gidget And Her Bad Paper Habit.

    Hi all, For some reason, Gidget has been ripping, and chewing on paper. It started with newspaper, and now it's just any kind of paper, like typing paper, and newspaper. At first when she was younger we thought may she was teething, but she is still ripping and chewing on all kinds of paper. I...
  6. rascalshadownj2

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I know it's a bit early, but just thought I would post this for Valentine's Day. I was running late during Christmas, so I thought I could at least get a head start on Valentine's Day! Hope everyone and your fur babies have a Great Valentine's Day! Wish they made Valentine treats for cats. I...
  7. rascalshadownj2

    Funny Cat Jokes

    I was reading some articles on that online cat magazine Catster, and happened to find some funny cat jokes there. Not sure who wrote these jokes but some of them are funny. Thought I would share them here. Hope you enjoy these. Here is a link to the jokes. :lol: Short, Funny Cat Jokes | Catster
  8. rascalshadownj2

    Gidget And Her Scrunchie.

    I have an internet friend from Finland who I've known for a few years. We chat back and forth. She really Loves cats, :redheartpump: but due to her allergies, she can't own one. Poor woman. :( But she does enjoy seeing pictures of my cats, and videos of cats. She and her family used to have...
  9. rascalshadownj2

    We're Keeping Gidget!

    Hi everyone. Hope all of you had a nice Christmas, and hope everyone is having a good new year! Sorry I haven't been here for awhile. The holidays were pretty hectic, and we were pretty busy putting away all of our Christmas decorations. We finally got everything put away! Whew! As you all...
  10. rascalshadownj2

    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

    Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't posting anything in awhile. We've been really busy this year. In November, my mom celebrated her 95th Birthday! So my brothers gave her a big party. I contributed some balloons, and one of my sister-in-laws added some pretty fall mum. I ended up putting them in one...
  11. rascalshadownj2

    New Home To Cute Tortoise Shell Kitten

    This past July, the 22nd I think it was on a Sunday... I found a really small Tortoise Shell kitten. I thought she was only 5 or 6 weeks old, but our vet tech said she was 11 weeks old. I think someone had dropped her and she was living under this country store near us. I don't think anyone knew...
  12. rascalshadownj2

    Keep Cats Away From Toxic Chemical Permethrin

    I was looking for an article on the National Public Radio website the other day, and happened to see this article about this toxic chemical Permethrin. It's used in keeping ticks off your clothes and it keeps them from biting their victim. The article stated that if you spray this on your...
  13. rascalshadownj2

    Really Odd-looking Cat

    Since this is a cat site, I thought I would post this video I found on Facebook. I saw this video of a really odd-looking cat. It has really big ears, and sort of grayish brown in color. This article said that this cat had a human-like appearance. Some people said they thought the video was...
  14. rascalshadownj2

    Happy Easter!

    Just thought I would pop in to wish everyone and their furbabies a Very Happy Easter! And don't forget, Don't give your fur babies any chocolate Easter Bunnies. ;) Have a Great Easter! :bunnydance: Hugs, Nancy, Rascal and Shadow
  15. rascalshadownj2

    Sharing The Love. ;-) Lol

    I was cleaning out my cats litter boxes and happened to find this lump in the box that was shaped just like a heart! :rbheart: I thought it was so cool, that I showed it to my mom. We both got a good laugh out of that when I told her how "talented" my cats were. LOL :flail:Here's a picture of...
  16. rascalshadownj2

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to post this picture of my furbabies to wish everyone and their furbabies a Very Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have an Awesome Day! :lovecat4::hearthrob::rbheart:
  17. rascalshadownj2

    Jackson Galaxy's New Show Sat. Nov. 11th

    Not sure if anyone here gets The Animal Planet, but Jackson Galaxy is having a new show called Cat VS Dog. He and this woman who is an animal trainer, Zoe Sandor will be teaming up to help people who have both dogs and cats, solve their problems with their pets and try to get them to co-exist...
  18. rascalshadownj2

    Happy Halloween!

    Just couldn't resist posting this adorable gif of these little black furbabies. Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Safe and Happy Halloween!
  19. rascalshadownj2

    Helping A Woman Find Her Cat A New Home.

    I wasn't sure what part of the forum to post this, so I thought I would post it here. There is a woman on Facebook who needs to find a home for her cat. The cat's name is Luna. She has a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The woman's name is Patty, and her cat's name is Luna. Due to medical...
  20. rascalshadownj2

    Lost Cat- Owner Needs Help Finding Her Cat

    Just saw this on a Facebook page, and thought I would post it here too. A woman named Emma Benke has lost her cat. Here is the link to the article on Facebook. She really misses her cat, and would like to have it back. If anyone has seen this cat, or knows where it is, Please contact Emma on...