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  1. jeanft

    Cat keeps losing weight after ultrasound, GI Panel, fine needle aspiration which looked OK.

    Our 11 year old cat Moumouche started to lose weight two months ago, having diarrhea and some vomiting. He is a bit over 6 pounds now from 9 lbs. The blood panel was CBC/Chem: WBC 22.92, Lymph 6.60, Monos 3.45, Plt 42, TP 5.3, Glob 2.5. X-rays, Ultrasound suggested lymphoma or an aspect of...
  2. jeanft

    Purple mark in neck after needle biopsy for cat.

    Hello, Our cat had a needle biopsy yesterday for lymphoma and we just discovered this purple mark where the hair had been shaved. Skin irritation? Just received an email saying that the pathologist feels like the cells on the slides got damaged and ruptured, thus not allowing her to make a...