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  1. valentine319

    Anyone Made A Raw Food Feeding Station?

    Has anyone made a raw feeding area? I was thinking of some vinyl on wood to make an area with walls. My girl is messy. Just thought someone might have already made something.
  2. valentine319

    Convenia Alternatives And Microchipping Safety

    hi everyone. My girl Juliette has allergies. This has happened before. She scratched herself raw. I give half a Zyrtec a day. I’ve changed food. Narrow down food allergies. She still gets seasonal allergies. My question is last time the vet didn’t inform me but gave her a shot of convenia (an...
  3. valentine319

    Swift Beef Ground Recall

    Swift Beef Company Recalls Ground Beef Products due to Possible E. Coli O157:H7 Contamination
  4. valentine319

    Jennie-o Ground Turkey Recall

    Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC Recalls Raw Ground Turkey Products due to Possible Salmonella Reading Contamination
  5. valentine319

    Beta Blocker Approved For Use In Beef Cattle To Reduce Ammonia Gas

    FDA Approves Experior for Reduction of Ammonia Gas Released from Beef Cattle Waste So everyone can know. There's questions about the drug contaminating the surrounding area and other animals.
  6. valentine319

    Beginning Raw And Possible Allergies Posted For Selarah

    @Selarah was needing some advice. So cat was on instinct kibble and did fine. He was switched around some try to get him on raw. She's had him on primal raw for 2 weeks. There seem to be issues thinking it was allergies. Hoping some others can chime in and help. @Selarah if you can fill them...
  7. valentine319

    Please Do Not Do This! Allergy Elimination Site Warning

    @Selarah thank you for pointing this out. The following is a site promoting just pork no supplements or anything for 4-6 weeks to figure out allergies. Please do not do this. It's not safe.
  8. valentine319

    Diarrhea And Should You Hold Food

    i think I accidentally gave my girl a bit too much lysine.:doh: She has some diarrhea. I've given her some pure pumpkin and probiotics. I normally feed her a meal in an hour. I was thinking her stomach needed a rest to stablize. I would still feed her in the morning. She'll probably wake me at...
  9. valentine319

    Cat Window Screen Safety?

    hi everyone! We just got new windows. The old ones were so rusted there was no possibility of the cat falling out. The new ones are not sturdy enough. When the window were redone the window sills inside. Were lost. My concern is she’ll fall out. Has anyone cat proofed a new window?
  10. valentine319

    Big Beef Recall For Possible Salmonella 6.5 Million Lbs

    JBS Tolleson, Inc. Recalls Raw Beef Products Due to Possible Salmonella Newport Contamination Products listed Product labels...
  11. valentine319

    Egg Recall

    a recall on eggs continues Cullman County farm recalls eggs over Salmonella concerns
  12. valentine319

    Keeping A Cat Safe (opinions Please)

    I wanted to post in case someone has thoughts or suggestions i might be missing. I'm living with family right now. When I first got my cat (an adult). I had a policy that she stayed in my room and wasn't in the living room without me. This was after an incident where family left pills on the...
  13. valentine319

    10 Lb Beef Chubs R Ecalled

    For those who buy from the grocery there’s a recall. 10lb chubs of beef recalled. Cargill Meat Solutions Recalls Ground Beef Products due to Possible E. coli O157:H7 Contamination It posted it before I finished the title.
  14. valentine319

    Recalls Of Food/meat

    With all recalls I signed up for “Fsis recalls” so I can get emails of any recall. Add alerts if you need them.'','Popup','width=700,height=500,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');%20void('')...
  15. valentine319

    Improvised Cone

    I was trying to come up with something other than a cone. Juliette got her face in chicken a few days back. She scratched a few places raw. They were healing until she decided to start scratching again tonight. The dog had a sweater too large. I didn't get pictures of the towel version and...
  16. valentine319

    Raw And Pets With Allergies

    my girl is allergic to turkey, fish, think chicken. Would you just assume allergic to all birds if allergic to turkey. She can't handle whole carcass.
  17. valentine319

    Hare Today Out Of Rabbit

    What other vendors do people use?
  18. valentine319

    Primal Freeze Dried Recall (bone Grind Size Too Large)

    Anyone feeding primal freeze dried please check the following list for recalls. Recalled: Primal Pet Foods, Freeze-Dried (Dog & Cat) - Petful
  19. valentine319

    We Are Late To The Party

    hi everyone, i came here to get info on raw food for cats and allergies. I love the community and helping each other. I would like to introduce Juliette. I had 2 older cats die within a year of each other and decided I wanted a Maine coon. She wasn't a kitten. I got a retired Queen. We...