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  1. Blueberries33

    Artifical grass in catio

    Hey everyone, I currently have pebbles in my catio out back but I was considering removing them and putting artifical grass down instead, its trimmed tightly but would this encourage them to use the grass instead of the litter trays in cage? I have large pots with fresh grass growing in for...
  2. Blueberries33

    Kittens Too Young

    Hi guys, a friend of mine got two kittens shes says both are 6 weeks and I'm worried their health could be affected being taken away from their mother too young. Should I tell her to get the young kitten milk to feed them.aswel as their food?
  3. Blueberries33


    Hey guys can anyone tell me what is considered a high percentage of phosphorus in wet cat food? I have a lot of sachets here some contain 0.2%, 0.17%, 0.21% and 0.26% each h per 100g or 85g. I can't get my head around any other answer I have found on Google. Would these be considering...
  4. Blueberries33

    Cat Food Jelly

    Has anyone a recipe for the jelly that does be in the cat food? I'd like to add extra to my cats food as they usually eat the jelly and leave the food. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Blueberries33

    Kidney Friendly Diet

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has an opinion on this? I've fed my cats on applaws since they were kittens, but recently one of them had a bad kidney infection- currently on the second last day of his 3 week antibiotic course. He is peeing perfectly again, but until he is retested we...
  6. Blueberries33

    Kidney Results

    Hey everyone, My cats urine results came back, its turns out it is more serious than we had expected. After he has completed his three week course of anti biotics he is to go back for another urine test. His results are: 4 + blood 3 + protein 3 + whitecells Has anyone any understanding of...
  7. Blueberries33

    Diet Advice, Kidney Infections

    Hi guys, My Male cat nearly 2 years old has been going from litter tray to tray today but only peeing tiny amounts. I brought him to my vet today and he had a temperature so he gave him a shot of antibiotics and has put him on a long course of them. He also did and ultrasound on his stomach...
  8. Blueberries33

    Cat Drooling

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone could give me some advice on my cat. He had the cat flu and completed one course of antibiotics which got rid of it but another one of my cats caught it after him and passed it back to him. He first started with a sneeze, an odd cough and green stuff coming from...
  9. Blueberries33

    Kitten Pulling Out Fur

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me. I fostered a kitten at christmas with the intention of keeping her, however when we first brought her home she was quite sick with cat flu and as she was also coughing we gave her a 5 day worm treatment in case of lung worm aswel as a 7 day...
  10. Blueberries33


    Hi guys, I have two cats, a 7 month old(wormed 3 days ago) and a new comer 3 month old. I've just noticed her paw looks dry. I'm worried it could be ringworm as I know a couple of cats from the same shelter was being treated for it.(They were not in the same pods). Would anyone have any clue...