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    Teeth Cleaning Already??

    I'm wondering what everyone's collective experience is with cat dental. My otherwise healthy 4 year old, who I have had for 3 years, went for her yearly well cat checkup and it turns out she needs her teeth cleaned. I was a little blindsided by this due to her age. The vet showed me her teeth...
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    Inside/outside Cat Probably Hurt And Hiding Outside

    Need a little bit of people's experience here. My sister has a 13-year-old female inside/outside cat who was attacked in her yard by a male neighbor cat who is known to be a serious meany. Male cat hadn't been seen in over a year and my sister thought he had aged and was staying close to home...
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    Completely Unpicky Cat Suddenly Very Chosey

    I'm just wondering if anybody else has had this experience. I've had Ailish for 2 years this summer. She will be 3 years in August. When I got her she was on supermarket dry food which we changed without problem to good quality wet for three of her four daily meals and good quality dry for...
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    Shy Cat

    I rescued Ailish in 8/2016. She was then about a year old (according to my vet) and just finished raising a litter. Allegedly she was turned in to a kill shelter because her owner died. She was pregnant at the time, so I suspect other motives. Anyway, she and the babies were fostered by a...
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    Automatic Feeder

    I am hoping people can give me some info on their experiences with automatic feeders. I mostly need something that one cat can get some food out of at some point during the night. I feed her at 11p and when I get up at about 6a. If I wake up during the night I give her a bit of dry, she gets...