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  1. lollie

    Cat suddenly tried biting leg.

    Not sure where you’ve heard this, but a Bengal cat is normally extremely hyper, and requires a great deal of play activity, even daily leash walks, to get their energy out. At only 2.5 your cat is in their prime. As others have said, she probably is just getting comfortable now. Being a breeding...
  2. lollie

    New cat AND new couch-- marking prevention suggestion?

    Right. I have a throw on my couch kitty lays on. New couch, just move the throw. She smelled all over the new couch for about five minutes, then jumped up and layed down on her throw.
  3. lollie

    Christmas with Cats.....?

    I used Ssscat, the motion activated spray of air, under the tree. It worked right away. I also keep a small branch, like you decorate a table with, and that is her greenery that she can rub against. I believe in the advice that a no is best followed by an alternative yes. For safety sake, I use...
  4. lollie

    Watching...and Waiting for Squirrel TV to come on

    Koshka completely ignores squirrels. Ever since she body slammed the window and nearly knocked herself unconscious, that is. The squirrel, afraid at first, soon learned she could not get to him, and he began taunting her by jumping around in front of the window. She now pretends they don’t exist.
  5. lollie

    My cat doesn't like to be held

    Koshka doesn’t like being picked up either. I don’t sleep with her, so in the morning, she is very agreeable to being held- for precisely 45 seconds. Purr, purr, and then the tail then begins to swish and she wants down. She never got on my lap until she was five years old, but does that...
  6. lollie

    Cat grazing on wet food for too long....

    My cat is also a grazer, it can take her two hours to finish her meal. I was alarmed when I read you weren’t supposed to leave it out, because, how do you get them to eat faster? I finally read elsewhere, that unlike humans, cats are not affected by the same types of bacteria humans are. Of...
  7. lollie


    It could be several things. My cat has injured her leg muscle a couple of times. I will tell you that one of the things that helped the vet a lot was seeing video of her limping. She’s too scared to walk around at the vets, but I was able to grab some video of her walking so they could see what...
  8. lollie

    Newly adopted cat lost inside our house

    Happy news! :D So glad the aliens brought her back! :lol:
  9. lollie

    Newly adopted cat lost inside our house

    You may also consider contacting whatever person or shelter you got her from. They could have some ideas or information, as in- oh, didn’t someone tell you? She’s a door dasher. They also would know the best way to go about putting out a kitty alert, in case she did get out.
  10. lollie

    Newly adopted cat lost inside our house

    If there are any missing, or gaps. Also, any cutouts in the sheet rock, around plumbing, under sinks. When looking for a cat, a flashlight is your best friend.
  11. lollie

    Newly adopted cat lost inside our house

    It depends on whether she’s afraid of something, or is stuck somewhere. Was she skittish at all while you’ve had her? Do you have any other pets in the house? You said she was on your sister’s bed. She was being kept in her room? Door open or closed? Any floor registers? A basement? It would be...
  12. lollie

    Newly adopted cat lost inside our house

    As others have said, a cat can hide in some really improbable spaces, especially when they are scared. We had a new roof put on a couple of years ago, and my cat managed to get under a piece of furniture I would have thought impossible. With this being a new adoption, it’s doubly hard since you...
  13. lollie

    Human hair

    My hat is obsessed with my hair. Not while it is on my head, but if she sees it on the floor she wants to bat it around with her paw. Eventually it gets in her mouth. I have to be vigilant about wiping up the bathroom floor. I brush my hair over the tub, and then just swipe the tub with a...
  14. lollie

    Please help! My cat is attacking me!

    Definitely wash those shoes, or the soles, you were wearing when you came in that first time. It sounds like you brought a smell back with you, possibly of another animal. Glad she’s better.
  15. lollie

    Silent Meow ?

    My cat did not make a sound the first year of her life, only the silent meow. I asked the vet about it, and he said she just hadn’t found her voice yet. I remember reading that a kitten will meow out of range of human hearing, and eventually learn to bring it down to human level. She started...
  16. lollie

    I've had cats for 40 years now and this one just get me

    When he’s been in the bathroom, he’s probably lonely and wants the companionship. When he’s let out, he sees the opportunity to run and play. He may run from you because he doesn’t want to go back into the bathroom, or just because he wants to be left alone. Not all cats want to be picked up...
  17. lollie

    Random cat at doorstep. Won’t leave. Please help

    Has Bella been spayed?
  18. lollie

    PLEASE HELP!! My cat won't stop attacking my sister!!!!

    This may be play aggression. He was separated from mom and siblings too early. Cats learn how not to bite, and bite too hard during this time with other cats. Does he get play sessions during the day? Make sure that you are using some type of toy, not your hands, like a wand toy, and play with...
  19. lollie

    What did we do wrong? Letting cats outside

    Cats have great vision up close, but poor distance vision. They stop seeing clearly at about 20 feet. A fast moving car is only going to give them a fraction of a second to react.
  20. lollie

    For the time being.....

    Your cat will be fine in a room right now while you deal with your situation. Have you ever had a cat before? How old is she? If you have a window, fix it so that she can get up to look out. Even some stacked boxes with a towel to sit on will work. Allowing her out on harness would be great, but...