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  1. felinelover2

    Planning for a puppy.

    Hi everyone, We adopted two very shy rescues in March of 2020 - Scotch and Whiskey. They will be 3 years old in April and have adjusted well to our house, though Scotch is definitely a true wallflower cat. Whiskey is outgoing with myself and my partner, but is scared of strangers...
  2. felinelover2

    Small scratch on nose

    This morning I noticed a small scratch on Scotchie's nose (picture attached). It may have been from a wrestling match with his sister. Admittedly we haven't been able to clip their nails yet and they are rather long now. Anything we should do about this little scratch other than keep an eye...
  3. felinelover2

    How to tell if cat is constipated in multi-cat household?

    We have two 2.5 year old litter-mates that we adopted back in March. We had them checked by a vet in May and they got a clean bill of health. Both have been healthy, active, and eating/drinking normally. This morning when cleaning the litter boxes (we scoop them daily) I noticed that the...
  4. felinelover2

    We took our kitties in an RV road trip

    So we were supposed to go on a cruise for our vacation this year, but with COVID we went to plan B and rented an RV for a week long road trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. Naturally, we took our furbabies with us in the RV for the adventure. We had a 25 ft RV rental from Cruise...
  5. felinelover2

    Accidentally bought senior cat food

    Hi, We are trying different brands of wet food for our cats. So I bought some different cans at Petco, but accidentally purchased one can of senior food (7+) of Whole Hearted brand chicken pate. It is unopened but we threw away the Petco receipt. Would it be harmful to our 2 year old cats to...
  6. felinelover2

    Hello and Introductions

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a few months and found this forum extremely helpful, so I thought I would introduce myself and my two new fur-babies, Scotch and Whiskey. They are 2 year old brother and sister litter-mates that were rescued as ferals at 4 months old. We adopted them just...