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  1. 35 year catdad

    Dental for an old cat - checklist to ask vets

    I've been lucky with 3 cats who lived without dental problems till age 19 I never fed them any corn, wheat, soy, (some oats fiber) but not high cab foods and think that played a part in their dental health. Also we have used Tropiclean liquid dental health solution in their filtered water. It...
  2. 35 year catdad

    My little feral princess

    Wow she is gorgeous! My 14 yr old big grey/white boy Martin would love another girlcat besides his 4 yr old Calico terror who plays way too rough. Soon she will be in your arms purring like crazy. Nothing more rewarding than turning a feral into a people lover.
  3. 35 year catdad

    My little feral princess

    I've been on sabbatical here after losing my 19 yr old last December 2020 Regarding taming ferals I had 2 adult cats and no intention of more while fixing up my home to sell. My friend had me over for my birthday gift (shes an artist so i figured a painting) instead under the chair was a 4...
  4. 35 year catdad

    Please share your AminAvast kidney supplement experience vets welcome

    Good news from Tanya's guide and thanks for the link! "The study found that RenAvast appeared to have positive effects on the creatinine levels of the cats in the study, though again, it is not known what other treatments the cats were receiving, and they did not have any concomitant diseases...
  5. 35 year catdad

    Vitamin C for cats. Do they make enough on their own when sick or very old?

    I see RX Vitamins brand Bio-C for pets 500 mg C per serving they say give 2 per day. wow thats 1000 Mg per day. Amazon gives mostly great 121 reviews by verified purchasers. but most are dog folks. Formulated by a vet, Steven Silver DVM M.S. Sodium Ascorbate and lemon bioflavonoids 4 oz...
  6. 35 year catdad

    Both my cats have loose stools

    I'm doing same thing. He offers no hope and refused to do an ultrasound. Prob. doesn't have one. Very curt rushed and rude ish Ok shes 19 but thats no reason to refuse to know more. I would try foods for sensitive stomachs, limited ingredients? I bet you've done that.
  7. 35 year catdad

    Both my cats have loose stools

    Same thing happened to my three and I think it was a bad wet food can. Heat waves and cat food in shipment don't mix. I tried a little bit of plain Kefir without any added sugars but maybe they dont need all 12 of the probiotics in it? Check with vets on this. It resolved the smelly butts by...
  8. 35 year catdad

    Cat Introduction .... Failure?

    Amazing eye color wow yellow to green how beautiful! and pink noses/ears act as thermometers I've found. Martin the pink nosed HUGE formerly abused shelter cat who met my Tortie ten years ago, after her being a widow 18 long months. He has always gone for her neck just holding her there as...
  9. 35 year catdad

    old cat being too picky and getting thin - food question

    Hibous's creatinine was 5.3 with normal range per IDEXX labs of 0.9-2.3 Shes craving fish fish and more fish maybe because fish oils are ant inflammatory and good for failing kidneys? Thanks to Fukishima our west coast fish are now a bit radio active. If its not one poison in our food...its...
  10. 35 year catdad

    Is this UTI or wanting attention?

    Dad had a tea cup poodle that when mad at him would pee in his shoe. Hard to believe but true...when mad at Mom would pee in her shoe. One time we had yellow sugar with lumps on the kitchen table so he must have been mad at all of us. true story. Maybe same thing caused infections in both? I...
  11. 35 year catdad

    Best way to eat a potato

    hash browns! Potatoes have vitamin c and its good for our skin. I think 30mgs in a whole one? That was a surprise. My uncle was an Id. spud farmer Ever try kenibecks? spelling? They are the best for fries.
  12. 35 year catdad

    Cat insurance

    For low income seniors many local Humane Societies offer a lot of help. Even two weeks care in the shelter in an emergency. I had my Calico spayed there and they offered a pay what you can plan. Also included a microchip. I called to get pricing for a 17 yr old I think thru AARP link but they...
  13. 35 year catdad

    Question of the day Wednesday November 11

    Unconditional love as a surrogate Mother is what they tell me every day in their looks, and actions. Especially when we rescue them from certain death and bad situations. This 3 yr old Calico avatar was yanked from her Mom at 4 weeks old and still suckles my neck...well licking it anyway, always...
  14. 35 year catdad

    Moving out, don't know what to do with my cat

    I love that picture!! Must be right after he heard you have to move. Ideal would be to find a neighbor close to new place that can keep him inside and with all supplies and vet covered by you, and visiting rights of course. maybe this could be a win win win for all. I've had great luck with...
  15. 35 year catdad

    Charlie: The Food Trial Diaries (ibd / Food Allergy (sensitivity) Or Stress)

    We have been using Pet Naturals hairball chews and if I forget to use them in a week or two we have hairballs. It has zero petroleum products chicken liver flavor must be the key to its palatability. Also 30mg of omega 3s in two chews. They love this hair catching mitt and it saves the vacuum...
  16. 35 year catdad

    Charlie: The Food Trial Diaries (ibd / Food Allergy (sensitivity) Or Stress)

    I have a picky eater boycat and his fav wet food of all I've tried is Trader Joes Turkey Giblets at 79 cents a can. i'd love to be able to spend $2.50 on a 5 oz can. Colloidal Silver has some good health benefits in humans some say so maybe hes on to something?
  17. 35 year catdad

    How many here feed birds?

    I use a suet feeder and hummer feeder side by side to entertain my indoor only 3. Seed that falls on ground seems to attract rodents and so I made a little cardboard tray under suet feeder to catch excess. My mean neighbor downstairs filmed the birds eating the suet filed a complaint with the...
  18. 35 year catdad

    Did I make a mistake by adopting so soon?

    Was Freddie an indoor cat that escaped? I think the sooner we find another kitty to love and focus on, the faster we heal. After losing My Mom I fostered 4 kittens and what a great way to un-depress myself. Kept the sickly runt who died of a saddle clot and it put us right where you are...
  19. 35 year catdad

    Neighbor filed an animal abuse report on me

    One problem with having cats the ignorant people that do so much selfish harm to them. My first cat Snooki was declawed by my ex's parents as a youngster. She was polydactyl (thumbs) and the love of my life. Girlfriends were very jealous. She was indoor always but after escaping out the...
  20. 35 year catdad

    TNR? But how to get started

    Alley cat Allies does amazing TNR education, policy reform all across the counrty. I love their calendars, bumper stickers, and wonderful newsletters. President Becky Robinson is a true hero! They are in Md