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    How To Give Liquid Medicine To A Skittish Cat

    We have a very skittish 5 year old brown tabby named Brook who has developed asthma. At today's vet visit our vet prescribed liquid prednisone. I thought it would be a liquid I could mix with Brook's wet food or put on a treat, but the vet said she probably wouldn't eat it because she can smell...
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    Bald spots with redness

    I have a brother/sister pair, around 3 years old, that I adopted about 9 months ago. Earlier this week I noticed some hair loss and redness on the girl's tummy around her nipple. This morning I noticed a bald spot between the shoulder blades on the boy. Both are exclusively indoor cats, no...
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    Desperate and struggling with timid cats

    Husband and I adopted two cats, brother/sister, age 2.5, about 10 weeks ago. We got them from a foster home where they had lived all of their lives and were treated very well. The home had 3 other very large male cats who were very sociable, outgoing, perhaps even a bit forceful. Our two were...
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    Do I have to clip his nails?

    A little history before I ask my question: My husband and I adopted a brother/sister pair of tabbies about 6 weeks ago. They are 2.5 years old and shy, especially the female. The male is more outgoing, but it was a full month before he would let me pet him and brush him (he still won't let my...
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    New cat questions

    This is my first post, though I've lurked in the forums. I have a situation that would benefit from the shared wisdom of this group. We lost our beloved Katie to cancer in November and still really miss her. She was a very confident, people-centered cat but was an alpha and wouldn't tolerate...