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  1. shandi

    Specific Food Suggestion Needed

    Since my cat got sick a few months ago, I began to do extensive research, only to realize the obvious, that what we eat affects our health, and theirs!  The vet pushed Hills WD, and Royal Canin high response.  I'd been trying to get my cat off dry food, since I'd become more knowledgeable about...
  2. shandi

    Specific Food Suggestion Needed

    We all need to realize that most vets know NOTHING about nutrition, and the bottom line is getting you to spend more money with them.  Vet's nutrition education is only about 2 weeks, and provided by Hills and Royal Canin.  Guess which foods the vets push?  Sorry, but this is a "difficult...
  3. shandi

    Nestle Purina PetCare cited by FDA

    Fancy Feast is made by Nestle Purina, and actually not a quality food.  Look at the ingredient list ONLINE.
  4. shandi

    Vomiting from Fancy Feast

    Please get informed about pet food, especially cat food.  I suggest that you look up your cat food ONLINE (for easier reading), then check the ingredients.  Prepare to be shocked, but most of all prepare to make a shift to higher quality food.  PAY NOW or PAY LATER! Also, look up the latest...
  5. shandi

    Comment by 'shandi' in article 'Potential Stressors In Cats - The Ultimate Checklist'

    When we are stressed, it shows up in our behavior.  When I feel stressed, I have less patience with my cat's desire for attention.  If I'm depressed, I may not notice my cat's basic needs, like food and a clean litter box, or her flea problem. These things can lead to health issues.  So, our...
  6. shandi

    Ongoing UTI. Vet suggesting putting to sleep.

    I'm sorry to know of this situation with your kitty.  I've been going through something similar with my female kitty. After anti-biotics, the vet recommended Royal Canin DRY Food.  I'd been doing a lot of research, and had decided to get my kitty weaned from dry food because it's known to...
  7. shandi

    My cat has been sleeping all day without eating

    He may have experienced trauma from being around so many cats, and you not being there. Cats are very sensitive.  If he doesn't eat soon, you may need to take him to the vet.