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    Do you know this herbal blend?

    Does anyone know anything about these Chinese herbal blends "eight righteous ". And "twelve gentlemen "? Our vet is a traditionally trained vet, but she is also a herbalist, and these herbal blends were recommended.
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    Senior Cat UTS and Kidney Infections

    Senior cat, 8 months of recurring UTIs and kidney infections. Some beginning kidney failure. Never been blocked. He was seen at vet on Saturday. Given iv fluids and a convenia antibiotic injection. He seemed to improve, and passed urine. I'm just trying to see if there is anything I can...
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    Phosphorus As Fed

    Hi everyone, Can someone please link or tell me what type of phosphorus limit a older cat with beginning kidney failure issues should be consuming on a as fed basis? Is that possible? None of the companies I was calling had the dry basis readily available. Thank you!!
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    Cat Tries To Eat Grass

    When your cat tries to eat grass, what should that be telling you about their health and digestion? When we let my toothless cat outside for some sun he tries to eat grass sometimes.
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    Food Recommendation?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a wet cat food type that does not contain chicken, turkey, or fish in the label? Trying to find something in this area that is also low carb/higher protein. No allergies, I've just realized my food rotation is all chicken or fish and I'm trying to limit...
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    Cat Pees When I Try To Wrap Him For Pilling

    Hi, My cat is 13, male, and he's on some different medications that require pilling and liquid medicine twice a day, for UTI/kidney infection, diarrhea, and constipation. First infection he had to my knowledge. Early kidney failure. Zeniquin-antibotic Lactulose- laxative Metronidazole-anti...
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    Vet Is Telling Me That Grain Free Kibble Causes Heart Disease!

    I have a question and I'm new. I have recently adopted a 12 year old cat with a heart murmur, grade 2 I think. He has major teeth and nose issues too (snotty nose). His last owner only gave him the basic minimum. He was a on Purina Cat Chow Indoor Naturals when I got him 6 months ago and his...