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    Introduction of new kitten done wrong

    Normally I would say separate but it seems like things are going well
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    Adding supplements to IV line?

    With the olive oil, did your vet tell you to do that? Does she have kibble now? Are you feeding cat food or making your own? If making your own it is quite complex to get the nutrients right. You have to add a supplement such as Mazuri to the meat. Cats must have the proper calcium phosphorus...
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    Adding supplements to IV line?

    The only supplement you can add to a line for sub cutaneous fluids is Vtamin B Complex and Vitamin B 12. You can add potassium but it isn’t absorbed well and you could get into trouble with it. If the potassium is low, you can supplement with Renal K, a potassium oral gel.
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    Bath Time

    He’s adorable. So, if the vet applied Revolution, bathing him will wash it off.
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    Bath Time

    Has he seen a vet? How do you know it’s lice? What did you bath him in? How old is the kitten? Can you add a picture?
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    Is this medical or behavioral?

    Hi. I wouldn’t do the raw diet right now. I would make sure to feed only canned. Do the ultrasound. Something is going on and he probably feels like crap not depressed other than depressed because he feels bad. I would also continue the Cerenia. Why was he put on Prozac? How much time do you...
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    Signs of a concussion to watch out for?

    Any updates?
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    Signs of a concussion to watch out for?

    Yes. For sure, call them in the morning. I hope she is okay.
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    rice for loose stools

    I would not give rice. It is high in carbohydrates and cats cannot handle carbohydrates.
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    My cat's ALT was thru the roof

    It could have been hepatic lipidosis brought on by not eating for any variety of reasons. In specialty hospital with those numbers, and I assume she was jaundice, there would be additional testing done, hospitalization with aggressive fluid therapy and a feeding tube placed. That’s for starters...
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    Signs of a concussion to watch out for?

    Hi. Some outward signs might be pupil changes. Either to big, to small or different sizes. Loss of balance, change in appetite, vocalization, hiding, vomiting, laying in odd positions. Third eyelids being up. There are more but that’s all I can think of for now.
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    Don’t know what to do - injured cat in drainage pipe

    It was a team effort. She is very shy and doesn’t want people to touch her, but the other cat, Binx, is teaching her well.
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    Don’t know what to do - injured cat in drainage pipe

    She and Binx, the black teenager cat, are besties.
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    Very worried about my cat

    I too am so sorry about your dog and what is happening with your cat. I hope your kitty makes a quick recovery.
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    Very worried about my cat

    The CK is the creatinine kinase. It can be elevated with a cardiac event or a stroke. Just something to bring up to your Vet.
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    Very worried about my cat

    Hi. If it was a snake bite, he would have a swollen something where he was bit. Are you in the US? Do you have any plants in your house or any flowers planted he could have access to? Do you have horses? Anyone in the house on topical medications? Anyone using Rogain?
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    2 yo cat with elevated SDMA?

    Try a product called Epakitin. It is a phosphate binder. Also get some Azodyl. It is a kidney supplement. Keep tabs on his hydration. You may need to give subcutaneous fluids at some point. Make sure to feed only canned foods and have several water sources available. Some cats like to drink from...
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    What is this on my cat's eyelid?

    I would get that looked at by a Veterinarian ASAP. I have seen things like that become real problems. Best to take care of it while small and get it removed with clean margins and sent in for biopsy.
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    Attempt #2 - I feel like giving up.

    Hi. Cats have set backs for various reasons. Allot of their communications are through eye contact and smell and even pupil size. Outside cats they can smell or see can also play into them having issues. it takes many good experiences to cancel out a bad experience. Sounds like you are doing...