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    Has anyone tried Brevacto made by Merrick?
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    Dr Harvey’s Cat Food

    Has anyone tried this raw food?
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    First Mate Canned Food

    Anyone out there used First Mate canned food. I have for the past year been feeding it to my 2 indoor cats, they seem to love the chicken and turkey flavors. It is a single ingredient but does use potatoes in the ingredients. The protein on a caloric basis is 43%, fat is 37% and carb is 20%. I...
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    Revolution did not prevent round worms

    My kitties were dewormed when kittens, and started on revolution monthly since they were16 was. They had diarrhea as kittens but despite a fecal float done on them, and 4 different stool specimens, it always turned out negative. So vet thought just a sensitive stomach. Well, they are now...
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    Toothpaste from Mercola pets sie

    Has anyone tried Dr Karen backers natural cat toothpaste from pet,Wroclaw website? It has 8 essential herbs all plant based gel? Thanks
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    K9 natural

    Has anyone info on how good k9natural food is. It is fairly new? Also Hound and Gato. Thanks
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    Purine EN Natural vet prescribed food

    Does anyone know about vet prescribed Purina EN Natural balance canned and dry food for 8 mo th kitty
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    Hair loss due to flea allergy?

    Cat hair loss what can cause it. There is a sweet 3 year old cat in a shelter and her head and ears are fine, she just has licked all her hair off of her entire body. The vet Do flea allergy and gave her a cortisone shot to help with the itching, but she lives in a she lives in a shelter. I...