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  1. IndyJones

    My Cat Has A Second Home

    Either that or he lost it. Not sure how you attached it but he might have pulled it out himself.
  2. IndyJones

    What Else Do You Do Online?

    Who needs videos when you have the real thing? Indy has more energy than the energizer bunny. I play online RPGs like Neverwinter and Champions of the Forgotten Realms. I also like just browsing on Google and reading how stuff works. Not online but I love the polygon colour by number app...
  3. IndyJones

    We're Going To The Vet, Wish Us Luck!

    You will not find prescription food in stores unfortunately because it is treated like a prescription medication. Your vet may have a website like myvetstore.ca where you can order it and have it shipped to your address idk if there is a simaler service outside of Canada but there might be...
  4. IndyJones

    We're Going To The Vet, Wish Us Luck!

    My old cat also loved pompoms. If I threw one she would chase it down and bring it back. Pompoms are relatively inexpensive and can even be hand made with some old yarn if you know any knitters or crocheters.
  5. IndyJones

    We're Going To The Vet, Wish Us Luck!

    You could just say to the vet your cats don't like dry food. I know they make a canned version of the food and am not sure why it wasn't suggested especially with the age and history of the cat. 7 is when they are considered to be just entering senior years and canned is definitely better for...
  6. IndyJones

    Suggestions Please

    Does this male belong to someone? If he has a chip you could get in trouble if you try to catch him. If not maybe see if you can catch him and have him castrated. I know some places have discount clinics. The neighbour situation is difficult though, he does have the right to enjoy his property...
  7. IndyJones

    Does My Cat Have An Abscess?? ((pictures))

    It doesn't look like an abscess to me (an abscess is actually a collection of pus under the skin so would appear as a large swelling or boil) It looks like an abrasion or possibly a bug bite that has been scratched. If you just trim the fur around it and keep it clean it should heal up fine.
  8. IndyJones

    Have You Ever Not Liked A Cat?

    I just know there was a clothing store downtown at my old place that had a huge macaw that belonged to the owner. Unlike most of the stores down there who allowed people to bring in their dogs there was a big sign warning people not to bring them in the clothing store since the bird could bite...
  9. IndyJones

    Cat Peeing During Fights

    Not sure if it's mentioned but is she spayed? If not make sure to get it done. Unaltered animals will spray more than fixed ones.
  10. IndyJones

    Is My Cat Part Bobcat

    I don't know if Bob tails show these traits or not but my friend's Manx cross is very protective especially of my friends baby. She sits by the playpen and guards it. Does the same thing at the nursery door too. She just sits there and stares, it's rather unnerving.
  11. IndyJones

    Have You Ever Not Liked A Cat?

    Some of the larger exotic birds are actually more of a threat to the cat than the other way around macaws for example have been known to seriously injure a cat or even a dog. They have a bite like a bear trap and can even slice off a person's fingers.
  12. IndyJones

    Injury To Rear Left Paw

    Soaking the paw in epsim salt water mix will help it heal but the cat needs a shot of antibiotics to treat the infection itself.
  13. IndyJones

    Injury To Rear Left Paw

    That looks awful. It's probably infected. I would take the cat to the vet asap. Swelling like that is never a good thing.
  14. IndyJones

    Is My Cat Part Bobcat

    Not part bobcat but part Manx. Manx cats are born with a stub of a tail. Its a genetic trait that causes the tail to be shorter than normal.
  15. IndyJones

    Lightweight Cat Litter = Respiratory Issues

    I just recently switched from tidy cat lightweight litter to the regular clumping one and have noticed Indy's nose and eyes have cleared up. Since the day I brought her home her right eye and nostril have been running and watering due to a deformity narrowing her tear duct but never guessed...
  16. IndyJones

    Nick Picking At His New Nub Tail

    As for the missing fur that is exactly how it grew back on my cat. Vet said it was because the scar tissue doesn't grow fur very well because of the hair follicle having trauma.
  17. IndyJones

    Nick Picking At His New Nub Tail

    I'm not sure what exactly he had done on that tail but I had a cat who's tail was caught in the door and had to be amputated. It could be sensitive or itchy. Unless he's really bugging at it or if it starts to bleed I don't really think you need to do anything.
  18. IndyJones

    Alfalfa - Poisonous/harmful Or Not

    I would imagine alfalfa isn't poison. I have had barn cats use hay and hay bails as a bedding and nursery. Hay is mostly alfalfa and other grass.
  19. IndyJones

    Cat Doing His Business Outside The Litterbox Even When Its Completely Clean

    Please take him to the vet. Cats often have accidents if there is a medical issue like stones or a bladder infection. If it is something like stones male cats are at high risk of a blockage which could kill them within 24 hours.
  20. IndyJones

    Let's Talk Litter Scoops!

    Those fancy metal scoops put my plastic one to shame. I just have a very old van nes blue plastic pooper scoop that looks more grey than blue now. I know they make a scoop for dog waste that you can use standing up that looks like a scoop with a broomstick attached to it maybe something like...