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  1. Jojo&Tutu

    Difficult Choice Between Leukeran And Prednisone

    My cat is losing weight eating good with decent bloodwork considering her medical conditions but not absorbing food well. She has pancreatic lipidosis (pancreatitis) and a worsening case of inflammatory bowel disease. Also occasional inflammatory liver. She had a rare benign liver tumor...
  2. Jojo&Tutu

    Cat Losing Weight Blood Ok Cause?

    My 16 year old Siamese Tutu is losing weight. She has chronic pancreatitis, one liver enzyme elevated , stage 2 CKD and chronic IBD. Her blood work otherwise is stable. She is eating pretty good. She gets 60 ml sub q fluids every other day. She looks dehydrated a little time after she gets...
  3. Jojo&Tutu

    Blood Dripping From Urine Cultures Negative - Need Advise

    I am very frustrated: my 16 year old cat has had two bouts of red blood dripping from her urinary tract with urgency to go and moaning. I had left over Clavamox antibiotic on hand but am running out. This started with her BUN elevating to 62 so her vet started me giving her subQ fluids. The...
  4. Jojo&Tutu

    Blood In Urine Dripping Second Round Of Antibiotics, Constant Pancreatitis

    Kitty had blood dripping with urine two days after internal medicine vet appointment. Second time this month. Now on second round of Clavamox that helps but not rid of infection as came back, awaiting urine culture. Urinalysis was ok. BUN is 57 creatinine is 3.2 after off antibiotics for one...
  5. Jojo&Tutu

    Tutu Has A Pancreas Nodule And I Am Panicked

    Tutu has a nodule in her pancreas and it will be biopsied soon. I don't know if it is cancer. Please pray for her. She just lost seven teeth being reabsorbed. They were surgically removed. She is back to eating ok but is scared and hiding under the bed or desk in a cat bed I put there. I...
  6. Jojo&Tutu

    My Cat Slid Of The Back Of Open Steps

    My cat was visiting with me at my mom's home back east. She was stretching out wanting petting on a step that is open on the back side. She was 2/3 the way up to the second floor. She looked out the back open area her head hanging over the back open area of the step while stretching out and...
  7. Jojo&Tutu

    Tutu Speaks English Says"bath" !!!!

    Tutu talks!!! Says "bath" by Jojo&Tutu posted May 25, 2018 at 8:40 AM
  8. Jojo&Tutu

    Tutu's Videos On Youtube

    I couldn't figure out how to post her videos here so I posted them on youtube Go to YouTube and in the search type in "Tutu my Siamese kitty Joanie S" and her series of six videos should show up or you might pick her playlist of six videos. The funniest one is when she says "bath" There is a...
  9. Jojo&Tutu

    My Allergic Ibd Siamese Kitty

    Just did ACTT blood food allergy testing on my allergic Siamese IBD pancreatitis cat. She can only eat venison, rabbit, shellfish, carrots, spinach, eggs and a few other things. Stupid vet had me add sweet potatoe into her food and she had a bad reaction. And her test showed a high allergy to...
  10. Jojo&Tutu

    Tutu Talks!!!

    Check out my gallery post of Tutu saying "bath" in one video and "no" in another In My beautiful Siamese Balinese Tutu in Jojo& Tutu - my gallery I tried but they wouldn't upload to this location but they are in my gallery. The two videos are very funny.
  11. Jojo&Tutu

    Treatment Options For Pancreatitis In Cats?,medications Harmful?

    Does anyone know of treatment options for pancreatitis in cats? Can certain antibiotics or medications contribute to causing the condition? My kitty has had this on and off for a few years. She is on Clavamox antibiotic long term and am wondering if we need to change this. She first got...
  12. Jojo&Tutu

    Pancreatitis: Avoid Fats Or Not Necessary? What To Treat My Cat To Reassure Following Sub Q Fluids

    My IBD cat has pancreatitis again. I was having to give her sub q fluids while she recovers her thyroid and kidney functions following I131 treatment for thyroid adenoma. I was having a mobile vet help me give the sub q fluids for a week and she stressed out from the vet and sub q treatment...
  13. Jojo&Tutu

    Help: Symptomless Hyperthyroid What To Do?

    At the advise of her regular internal medicine vet my kitty has an appointment with a radiology vet. At her regular internal Med vet her thyroid level was 4.6 a little elevated and so was her blood pressure 64. The elevated blood pressure can be up a little from stress at the appointment. Her...
  14. Jojo&Tutu

    Has Anyone Had Experience With Thyroid Surgery Rather Than Radiation Therapy For Hyperthyroid

    Has anyone had experience with thyroid surgery rather than using radiation therapy for hyperthyroid? I will find out today if my cat has hyperthyroid. Her vet saw a little enlargement of her thyroid on ultrasound and her kidney values are normal in spite of kidney disease both of which can...
  15. Jojo&Tutu

    Hyperthyroid In My Cat Just Being Diagnosed Worriedi

    I was just at my internal medicine vet. Tutu might have hyperthyroid. They are doing a thyroid blood test now. I am worried. Her blood pressure was elevated and thyroid gland a little enlarged but her kidney values have dropped down even better than last time we were in. Usually elevated...
  16. Jojo&Tutu

    What Is Your Favorite Cat Litter And Why

    I am still looking into any nonclumping litter that is unscented. Is there anything other than cla that you like? Suggestions welcome.
  17. Jojo&Tutu

    Radiofrequency, Radio Collars Smart Meters And Cat Health

    I personally do not recommend using a radio anything on a cat. Current research shows extremely horrific health effects from exposure to radiofrequency including cancer. I put my phone on airplane mode when not using and I highly recommend getting rid of your smart meters as they really cause...
  18. Jojo&Tutu

    Tutu Is A University Of Michigan Fan, Been Watching The Basketball Games For The Tournament

    My nephew is at Michigan State and much of the rest of my family are University of Michigan graduates. Great rivals all in good fun. Tutu fell asleep during the game. Today are the big ten finals and we play Purdue. Here's Tutu in her fanwear. M GO BLUE!!!
  19. Jojo&Tutu

    Cat Litter Looks Darker On New Litter After Pee- ?

    I really like the new litter but I have noticed in both the darker and lighter version of the litter (Jonny Cat comes in a lighter and darker clay) the wet clay looks overall darker after she urinates than her old litter(freshstep). She is on perpetual clavamox antibiotic for her medical...
  20. Jojo&Tutu

    Does Your Kitty Smile When Happy?

    My kitty smiles when she is happy. This happens when she is being petted. Sometimes when dreaming I see a smile on her face. I wonder what she is dreaming about.