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  1. Candybee

    Has Anyone Used Pretty Litter Cat Litter?

    Just wondering if its all its said to be; changes color if cat's urine is abnormal, toxin free, eliminates moisture so only need to change it once a month, eliminates odor, easy to scoop. If someone has tried it I'd love to hear feedback about it, like did cat like it? does it get all over...
  2. Candybee

    Need Good Resource For L-lysine

    My Gypsy was just diagnosed with the cat herpes virus. Vet told me its quite common in cats that have been in the shelter system. Anyway, the virus has caused her to have conjunctivitus in one of her eyes. The vet told me to find some L-Lysine supplements to give her. They help boost the cat's...
  3. Candybee

    What Is It With Cats And Computers?

    Every cat I ever owned has to sit right in front of the comp screen when I'm working. Then she demands to be petted, back scratched, belly rubbed, all done adoringly. I helped alleviate some of the problem by putting a small cat bed just behind the computer so she can lay and watch or snooze...
  4. Candybee

    Missing Claws?

    I just noticed that my newly adopted shelter kitty Gypsy has some missing claws. They are the 2 middle fingers of both her front paws. The other claws are there but the two middle fingers are clawless. What is up with that? Is that some new fangled partial declaw she got? or maybe she lost them...
  5. Candybee

    Little Gypsy Having Dental Surgery Today!

    My new shelter cat, Gypsy, is undergoing her tooth extractions today. Had to wait a month for her appt. Picking her up this afternoon. Praying all goes well. Poor little sweetie had to have been in pain and discomfort for years due to her chronic dental hygiene. She was that way when I got her...
  6. Candybee

    How Long For Fur To Grow Back?

    My cat was shaved for her spay about one month ago today. How long before all her fur grows back in? She does have a little peach fuzz now but no fur yet. It's been a long time since I had a cat that was shaved so can't recall how long it takes.
  7. Candybee

    Canned Sardines & Anchovies

    I bought a can of sardines packed in water for Gypsy. She loved them! Do cats also like anchovies? Besides protein, what is the nutritional value of each? I think they have Omega 3 fatty acid in them? What should I look for in a can? Is packed in oil better than water? I assume I should also...
  8. Candybee

    Just Bought My First Bag Of Tiki Cat Dry

    Was at Petco today and they just got Tiki Cat in. So I bought the small bag of chicken & fish luau. I was meaning to transition Gypsy to grain free anyway so decided to get it. Gave her a few nibbles and put a small portion mixed in with her cat chow. I want to slowly introduce it into her diet...
  9. Candybee

    My Gypsy Has Become A Petting Ho

    This shelter kitty went from extreme shyness, hiding all day long 24/7, to a petting addict. She seems to want to be petted all the time while awake, scratched, massaged, kissed, cuddled, etc. She is now a little petting fool! All the time I am petting her her tail is going swish back and...
  10. Candybee

    Senior Cats Dietary Needs

    Do senior cats have dietary needs different from younger cats? I always assumed they did but don't see much info on it. Could use any insight on this you may have. Thanks.
  11. Candybee

    My Easter Bunny

    Gypsy being very cooperative while I have some fun.... Look at that expression.... could she be getting ready to lay an egg?... or contemplating revenge...
  12. Candybee

    Cat Not Washing Herself

    My Gypsy is a newly adopted older shelter cat about 8-10 yrs. (Age unknown) She also has chronic dental hygiene that will be taken care of next month. In the meantime, I've noticed that she does not clean herself. She is in perfect health other than her bad teeth. I assume she probably is not...
  13. Candybee

    My New Shelter Kitty Gypsy

    I posted about her in another thread but never introduced her. I adopted Gypsy last week from the local county animal shelter. At the time I adopted her she was listed as a female, calico, 3 yr old. When I took her to the vet for a check up we found out she has a mouthful of bad teeth. Her...
  14. Candybee

    Need Tips For Shy Cat

    My new shelter kitty Gypsy is extremely shy. I've had her for almost a week and understand I need to be patient while she gets used to her new surroundings. For several days she would dissapear under furniture, beds, couch, etc. and stay there all day and not come out until after I was asleep...
  15. Candybee

    I Have A Catfession To Make..

    I just lost my sweet Cookiepuss this past weekend and buried her in my backyard on Monday. I still grieve for her but having her burial ground in my yard helps me as I can visit. It makes me feel she is near me as I can visit her when I want. It truly gives me great peace to have her near. But...
  16. Candybee

    Just Lost My Beautiful Cookiepuss!

    She passed on my bed. Must have been late this afternoon. Went in to check on her and she was already gone. I think I am still in shock! I can't even cry right now my heart is racing and I feel empty and suddenly lonely. She would have turned 19 on April 8 so she lived a very long and happy...
  17. Candybee

    Bird Chattering

    Ever try to explain to a non cat person how your cat makes a soft staccato chattering sound when it is engaged in watching birds play nearby? Years ago when I first heard it I didn't know what my cat was doing. Was she angry, scared, being aggressive, preparing to fight? Then I noticed she was...
  18. Candybee

    Hello From Virginia

    So glad I found this place. I am the property of an 18 yr old tuxedo cat named Cookiepuss. When I am not kowtowing to her I am a soapmaker and have my own small soapmaking business and live in northern Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. I love this area because its full of history and right in...
  19. Candybee

    I Think My Cat May Be Deaf

    My cat is gonna be 19 yrs old in April this year. She recently started BP meds to lower her blood pressure. She has already lost part of her sight due to her BP before it was under control and now here eyes are permanently dilated. Her meds have given her a second life it seems, she's eating...