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    Post Anesthesia For Dental Surgery - Lost Sense Of Smell?

    My 16 year old Remy had dental surgery yesterday. I haven't been able to get her to eat anything yet. I tried all sorts of flavors of wet food last night and one this morning. She is hungry and meows as I'm preparing it. Then she moves her head around the plate, even getting some food on her...
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    Finicky eater -at my wit's end

    Hi all.  I haven't posted here (but read often) since I rescued my semi-feral two years ago.  I got such good advice then, I'm hoping someone can help me with a new problem.  This one involves my 15 year old female Remy.   Several months ago she started getting very picky about what she would...
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    switching from Frontline to Advantage - is 3 weeks too soon to do it?

    I've told the story here about adopting the cat I'd been taking care of at my work place.  I had dosed her with Frontline a week before I brought her in but my cats had always been inside and never been treated for fleas.  So, of course, we got fleas.  I put them all on Frontline as soon as I...
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    need advice re: fleas and deworming

    I brought in a stray three weeks ago.  Her story is here: http://www.thecatsite.com/t/277917/introducing-a-stray-semi-feral-to-a-indoor-cats-household I put Frontline Plus on her a week before I brought her home.  I assumed that had taken care of any fleas and eggs so I didn't treat my two...
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    introducing a stray/semi-feral to a indoor cats household

    Hello all.  I'm so glad I found this place because I'm freaking out about the step I'm about to take. First the backstory.  There is a yellow and white female (mama kitty) who has been living outside my workplace (in a wooded corporate park) since at least last October.  She may have been there...