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  1. Katie M


    I just bought a Sega Genesis Mini. It was about 80 dollars, but you know what? I've worked hard, I've done well in college, I'm treating myself. What do you find yourself splurging on?
  2. Katie M

    Wedding Guest Dress

    I'm attending a cousin's wedding next Saturday, and I'm torn between two of my dresses. One reaches to the top of my feet. The background color is black, with pink and golden brown flowers and leaves. The other reaches just past my knees. It has a dark blue background color, pink flowers...
  3. Katie M

    Videos Not Showing Up

    Wherever someone has posted a video, I see a pink box that says, "Template public:_media_site_embed_youtube not found. Try rebuilding or reinstalling the s9e/MediaSites add-on."
  4. Katie M

    Little Things From Childhood

    I've been thinking about my childhood lately. It's mostly little things I remember: My Beauty and the Beast Tiger Electronics handheld. My . . . well, *everything* Lion King. My collection of cassette tapes, which gave way to CDs by 1998. My first Tamagotchi, which was a dinosaur. And there...
  5. Katie M

    Board Games

    What are everyone's favorites? My absolute favorite is Clue. I enjoy the process of elimination. I also love Trivial Pursuit, but no one will play that with me anymore :rolleyes2:
  6. Katie M

    Black Cat Appreciation Day

    When Mom's co-worker asked if anyone wanted a kitten, I said yes, sight unseen. I'm so glad I did.
  7. Katie M

    Boys And Girls

    I think this might've been done, but it's been at least a year. I'm curious as to how many boy cats and girl cats everyone has had in their lives. Any preference? Boys-Pepper, Lucky, Peanut, Beau, Charlie Girls-Sophie, Belle, Selene I've never had a gender preference. My cats have tended to...
  8. Katie M

    Up To The Highest Height

  9. Katie M

    It's A Hard Life

    I just lay down on the couch. Both cats have been asleep on the floor for a good two hours, and Selene just now woke up, had a good stretch, then jumped up and lay down on me. Poor thing, I made her wait so long.
  10. Katie M

    Cats Show Us Why The Earth Is Not Flat

  11. Katie M

    It Will Never Cease To Amaze Me

    I found a picture of Selene from the shelter, back when she was Slate. I consider myself very lucky to get to be her human. At the same time, I will never understand how anyone could look at that face and go, "Nah." They missed out on a very special kitty. Anyone have similar feelings?
  12. Katie M

    Coloring Apps

    Out of curiosity, does anyone use one? I was wary of the adult coloring thing, but only because the complexity of the designs scared me off :lol: For the non-artistically inclined like myself, there are color-by-number apps. I use one called Happy Color, and it's SO relaxing.
  13. Katie M

    I'm Ignoring You

    "Huh? You say something?"
  14. Katie M

    Grey Cats

    Drab. Dreary. Depressing. These are words people tend to associate with the color grey. They've clearly never owned a grey cat. My beautiful Selene.
  15. Katie M


    Today, I've been thinking about my first cat. Pepper was your "average" cat, but I remember a bizarre little quirk of his. I've had the stuffed cat in my avatar since I was little. Pepper became OBSESSED with it. He would go into my room, knock it off my bed, and drag it downstairs. If I...
  16. Katie M

    Well-read Cats

    “You have so many books to choose from, hooman. I’m just going to loaf here until I make up my mind.”
  17. Katie M

    Laundry Day

    Did my laundry this morning, haven’t gotten around to putting it away yet.
  18. Katie M


    For a psychology assignment, I had to pick a famous person (living or dead) with a mental illness and write about them. I picked Vincent van Gogh, my favorite painter :hearthrob: After I turned it in, I kinda sorta fell down a rabbit hole :oops: Now I'm reading up on the history of modern art...
  19. Katie M

    Tv Growing Up

    I don't know why this is on my mind today, but whatever :lol: My family was military, so our viewing habits depended on where we lived. In the states, I watched mainly PBS and Nickelodeon. I loved the Disney Channel too, but we were only able to watch it at my grandmother's. In Europe, we...