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  1. Columbine

    Loves people, indifferent to cats.

    Oh wow! That's great news :D You've definitely made a good match there :thumbsup:
  2. Columbine

    Loves people, indifferent to cats.

    Wow @Erin80, its REALLY early days in cat introduction terms! It sounds like you're doing wonderfully, and like Tea is fitting in supremely well so far. Give it time. You may well find that Binx and Tea become fast friends once they've had longer to get used to each other. And I'm talking...
  3. Columbine

    fat content help

    Oh ok, I see :) I'm not mathematically minded enough to cope with that myself! Some of the other foods I mentioned are denser, so might work out at a slightly lower percentage using that method. I was just thinking that you could maybe consider the diet as a whole, and that maybe a combination...
  4. Columbine

    Does this spay look okay?

    I think it's looking ok. Some spay incisions are lumpier than others, especially if it's a more difficult surgery. The pinker patch needs watching, but I don't think it looks infected. If you're worried, send the photos to your vet and ask what they think. Spaying And Neutering - What To Look...
  5. Columbine

    fat content help

    I think Fancy Feast is Gourmet Gold in Europe. What about rotating the Thrive with the lowest fat out of the other higher quality foods? That might be a good compromise for now. Animonda vom Feinstein Neutered Animonda vom Feinstein Senior Catessy in jelly Granatapet Symphonie Chicken or...
  6. Columbine

    Movie Time!

    25. I go through phases of watching a lot of movies, but not that many of the ones listed.
  7. Columbine

    fat content help

    Whilst vets are not nutritionists, a vet should be able to tell you what fat level is appropriate for a pancreatitis kitty, and you can go from there. And any vet should be able to look at the nutritional analysis of a food and say whether it is suitable for a given illness. (For example, my vet...
  8. Columbine

    fat content help

    @kalypso - What kind of diet does your vet (who has actually seen and is treating your kitty) suggest for her? I'd take my guidance regarding fat content from my own vet rather than Dr. Pierson (or any online vet in isolation). You can ask directly about fat content etc rather than an actual...
  9. Columbine

    How to train a Bengal?

    Clicker training is the best way to train any animal in my experience. I've personally used it with dogs and horses, but I've heard it works really well with cats too. From what I've read, cats work best in short bursts rather than longer training sessions. Find a really high value treat for...
  10. Columbine

    Am I feeding my cat enough food?

    Hi, and welcome to TCS :hithere::welcomesign: Two and a half to three pouches sounds like a good start point for the average size adult cat on an all-wet diet. However, age, size and activity all impact exactly how much you should be feeding. The caloric content of the food plays a part too, as...
  11. Columbine

    fat content help

    The Thrive cans are little, so it definitely is 2-3 full cans a day unfortunately. It is a very expensive food, but it's by far the lowest fat out of any complete foods I could find. The only other really low fat complete foods are: Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Royal Canin Veterinary Diet...
  12. Columbine

    fat content help

    What about Thrive Complete? That seems to be the lowest fat cat food I can find. It's good ingredients too if you get the chicken-based ones. It is expensive though. Edit: Just realised you're in Greece, and Zooplus.gr doesn't stock it :(
  13. Columbine

    Loves people, indifferent to cats.

    When did you get Tea? It takes time for cats to bond and become friends, and sometimes they'll never get to the point where they play and wrestle together. It all depends on the individual. It doesn't mean they don't like each other, just that they don't (yet) have that kind of relationship. It...
  14. Columbine

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    Halloween is nothing like as big a deal here in the UK. Dressing up is reserved for Halloween parties (mostly for kids), and occasionally trick or treaters too. I live in a slightly more isolated area too, just outside of the main town, so the only trick or treaters will be the very few kids...
  15. Columbine

    Contest Picture of the month: October 2019: Cats in Things!

    ENTRY Introducing my two girls, Mala and Shanti
  16. Columbine

    Best Toy for Cat Who loves Belly Rubs

    Well, that's a new one on me! (The type of toy request, I mean). Hmmm...maybe a really big, fat kicker type toy that he can really hug into himself?
  17. Columbine

    Feeding Stray Cats. Good or Bad?

    :yeah: If you're going to feed stray or feral kitties, it needs to be regularly, and only in conjunction with a TNR program. Otherwise, you're just contributing to the problem as more and more kittens are born and the local cat population grows. If you're able to bring in the nursing mothers and...
  18. Columbine

    soybean oil as one of the ingredients in a product

    Hi, and welcome to TCS :hithere::welcomesign: I've just done a little bit of digging, and it looks like soybean oil is safe for cats. Its soy protein that can be problematic for some animals, not the oil itself. It's always best to run any supplements past your vet before trying them, just in...
  19. Columbine

    Baking dish question

    No, the cooking time should be about the same :)
  20. Columbine

    resident cat seems depressed, should the kitten be returned? please help!

    I've just thought of one other thing. A couple of years ago, when I brought the boys home as kittens, I had a 2 year old former semi feral and low energy girl cat (who was actually terminally ill, but we didn't know that at the time). The boys were crazy high energy as kittens and they were...