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  1. Ardina

    Can I feed my cat raw Tilapia?

    Whenever I buy fish (for my own dinner!), my cats always get the eyes and a bit of tail to munch on. It's perfectly safe to feed it raw unless your cats are immunocompromised for some reason. Though I wouldn't feed fish on a regular basis. They also eat raw chicken, lamb, goat, and rabbit and...
  2. Ardina

    How to teach cat to chew?

    I had to train Saipha to eat chunks, whereas Mishka was a kitten and picked it up on her own. For Saipha, I figured out something that she found irresistible - chicken hearts - and started out by mincing them. Then slowly increase the size of the pieces. Eventually they do learn to chew...
  3. Ardina

    Need Advice & Help For Airline Travel With Kitty

    Definitely use a harness with leash, at least to get through security. The last thing you want is a panicking cat squirming out of your arms and disappearing into the bowels of a busy airport. I put the harness on before placing them in a carrier, attach the leash through a small opening just...
  4. Ardina

    Bengal Vs Boyfriend

    For chewers, I found that the Tuffy Jr line of dog toys works really well. Saipha used to have severe pica and would chew on everything, including corners of wooden furniture, metal, plastic, etc. The tuffy Jr toys (the small bone is lightweight enough for cats) stood up to a year's worth of...
  5. Ardina

    If You Had To Name Your Next Pet...

    Eggplant and potato curry. Potato would be funny for a chubby brown tabby.
  6. Ardina

    To Bell Or Not To Bell?

    The only time I put a bell on Saipha was when she had a senior cat housemate. He was a little deaf, so the bell helped him be aware of where Saipha (a naughty little kitten who liked to sneak up on him) was at all times. I don't have collars or bells on either of my cats now (both are indoor...
  7. Ardina

    Introducing Adult Females

    I have two female cats - Saipha and Mishka. Admittedly, I introduced them when Mishka was a kitten and Saipha a year old. After a little bit of hissing from Saipha, they bonded and are best friends now. Mishka absolutely adores Saipha and always looks for her after a nap for some quality mutual...
  8. Ardina

    Transition From Kitten To Adult Food

    If it fits with your budget, I'd recommend feeding them exclusively wet food because high moisture content is really important for cats, especially males who are more prone to urinary blockages. Whatever you decide, whether wet, dry, or a combo, pick a food that has meat in the first several...
  9. Ardina

    Playing In Litter Box, Taking Poop Out And Knocking Around Like A Ball

    Your story made me chuckle - kittens! :rolleyes: Saipha did the same at that age. I found a good solution - put the litter tray in a cardboard box so there's a few inches of gap between the litter tray and the box on all sides. When they try to scoop out a clump/poop to play with, it would fall...
  10. Ardina

    How Scared Should We Be?

    Seeing as raw chicken makes up half my cats' diet (raw beef the other half), I can tell you that she'll be perfectly fine. Maybe a little full and certainly very smug about what she got away with, but perfectly fine. Saipha and Mishka (pretty good food thieves themselves) congratulate her on her...
  11. Ardina

    My Cat Is An Excessive Litter Box Digger And Often Gets Poop Paws. I'm Tired Of It!

    Maybe he wouldn't be so inclined to cover forever if his poop wasn't as stinky. From my experience, dry food (especially carb heavy dry foods with rice or corn) produce the worst smelling poop. Mostly because cats can't digest grains/carbs, so it all comes out the other end. Wet food is better...
  12. Ardina

    Most Ridiculous Injury You Have Had In Your Life?

    It was the day before my 11th birthday, and I was jumping on the bed. I jumped off, landed on one of those big bouncy balls, and cracked my jaw into the wall. Ended up in the emergency room. Apparently, my jaw is pretty strong because nothing was broken. Didn't even need stitches. Can't say the...
  13. Ardina

    Do You Give Bath To Your Indoor Only Fur Friend?

    Saipha, who is short haired, has only gotten a bath once in her life, and that was when I had some anti-allergy medicated cream on my hands and she decided that she had to have petting right then and smeared the cream all over herself. I was afraid of leaving toxic residue on her if I used the...
  14. Ardina

    If You Thought Himilayans Were Sedate.....

    Please keep posting! I love seeing videos of Theodore! There's no such thing as too many photos/videos.
  15. Ardina

    Weird Dishes You Love: Pizza Eggs

    I love cucumber and potato sandwiches. Sounds weird, but when all the other kids were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I'd be happily munching on my boiled potato and cucumber sandwich. Add just a bit of mayo, ketchup, salt, and pepper, and it brings back all the childhood memories...
  16. Ardina

    Cosmo: Weight Loss Journey For A 22.2 Lb Kitty Man

    Awww thank you! My profile pic is actually Mishka, but Saipha looks just like a short-haired version of her.
  17. Ardina

    Feeding A Growing Kitten During The Day With Two Scarfers.

    Could you have a neighbor or a family member drop in at lunchtime to give Dexter some food?
  18. Ardina

    Cosmo: Weight Loss Journey For A 22.2 Lb Kitty Man

    Having done this weight loss journey with Saipha, I'm rooting for you! Luckily for us, I caught her weight gain when she was 13 lbs, so she only had to lose 2 lbs. Today she's a happy, healthy, and svelte kitty! One suggestion I'd make is to get an actual baby scale or postal scale. I used a...
  19. Ardina

    Cat Just Ate Two Egg Yolks... Should I Be Concerned?

    I feed my cats two raw egg yolks each every Sunday as part of their balanced raw diet. They are full of nutrition and help hairballs go through easier. Since your cat is used to eating one every other day, two egg yolks will probably be tolerated just fine.
  20. Ardina

    Need Advise For Freeze-dried/homemade Food Choices

    It's great that you're trying to learn more! Feel free to keep asking questions - there are lots of knowledgeable people on this forum, and it's thanks to their help two years ago that I learned all I know about raw feeding and homemade cat food.