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    Just wanted to say HI

    Most of you surely don't remember me, but I just wanted to drop in and say HI!!! Things are going well here in our household. My daughter started 1st grade today, and my son is on his last year at home. I have added one cat to our mix (Max) and that's just going great (sarcasm!!). But Max...
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    How Many Hairballs is Too Many?

    Well, it's been two days now with no throwing up. Maybe the hairball medication is really making a difference. Although I couldn't get him to take it today, he's figured out what that's all about!
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    How Many Hairballs is Too Many?

    Hi Lorie - Thanks for the link. I'll probably be trying that out soon. I'm tired of hair wafting across the floor all day long! Puffy hasn't thrown up yet today, but the day isn't over yet. I did get some hairball medication for him and got him to take that. I wonder if that will do the trick.
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    How Many Hairballs is Too Many?

    Hi Everyone - Long time, no post! I have a question about my cat Puffy, a neutered male who's almost 2 now. Puffy is a very puffy cat (lots of fur), and he's been shedding A LOT this spring. I mean, we have Puffy hair all over the house, and I have to vacuum every day. I even brush his hair...
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    Need advice (baby related)

    Hi Debby - When Amy was 9 weeks old, I had to go back to work. I breastfed her up until that time. Right before I started back, I started giving her a bottle of formula once a day. When I went back, I breastfed her in the morning before I went to work, when I got home, when she went to bed...
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    I have some pictures to share.

    Great pictures, Debby! Amber is beautiful, and your step-kids look so happy holding her. The kitties are cute, as always. I always am shocked to see how much Merlin looks like Muffy. They could be brother/sister! Don't worry about your hubby being half nekked! I swear, when my husband gets...
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    Ailine looses cat - you havr to read this

    That's very sad. Yola - The problem with putting animals inside the cabins is that some people have life threatening allergies to them. My mother for instance would have an asthma attack if she was shut onboard a plane with a cat or dog (or any other animal, that is). I don't know what...
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    ebay question

    I would let the auction run its course. If the guy coming over to see it makes a bid, great! If the guy that keeps trying to get you to come down makes a bid, great! But, don't sell for less than what you have it up for. He's trying to rip you off! Plus, it's against the rules to contact a...
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    Question for those of you with kids.....

    Hi Debby - Your baby's dry skin is very normal. I would recommend Vaseline Advanced Healing with no fragrances added. My daughter had terrible excema as a child (I still have it) and this lotion works wonders. It's all I can use (except Eucerin, but the cost is terrible!). I never used baby...
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    Amber & I are finally home!!!!!!

    Debby - Congratulations! Baby Amber is just beautiful! I'm glad you're finally home and feeling better. Having a baby is hard work! You did great, and you'll be feeling like yourself in no time. I gained 80 pounds with my first baby (mostly fluid, I looked like a water balloon) and 75...
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    Question: Ragdolls and Declawing

    Hi Jenk - Yes, when we let the rats out, they often mingle with my two cats. We have taught the cats that the rats are off limits, and by now they're all used to each other. In the beginning, we had to be very careful, of course, especially since the rats were just babies when we got them...
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    telecommuters (serious question....not an ad)

    I have a good friend who is a medical transcriptionist, and she works out of her home. However, she worked on-site at the company for years and only started working at home when she had a baby. She tried to quit out-right, but they loved her so they offered her this arrangement. It's not...
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    Help! We just rescued a baby bird!

    Thanks Hissy! I'll try some hamburger. Actually, this little bird has most of his feathers and just a bit of the baby down is left. It flew a little bit when my husband caught it, but couldn't stay up. There are LOTS of loose cats around here, that's why we brought it in. We're expecting it...
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    Question: Ragdolls and Declawing

    Just a bit of input on trimming cats nails. I have two cats, both of who easily oblige me when I trim their nails, about once every two weeks. I did start when they were young, and they do very well. I would assume this would also apply to the soft paws. Also, not every cat scratches the...
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    Help! We just rescued a baby bird!

    When I got home from the grocery store, my husband had rescued a baby bird, which we believe is a baby dove. He has most of his feathers, but still can't quite fly. We saw him in the yard late yesterday, and thought he was sick and dying. This afternoon, my husband saw him under our bird...
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    Want to Prepare for Cat Ownership

    About the cost of spaying/neutering... I have both a boy and a girl cat. The boy cost $50 for his neuter. The girl cost $150 for the spay. Also, be sure to factor in the cost of shots, which they need before the vet will spay/neuter them.
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    Debby is a MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful news! Congratulations, Debby! Way to go!!
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    News about the baby (Amber)

    Debby - I just came by to see what's going on, and I hope I haven't missed you today! I wish you good luck and I'll be praying for a quick and easy delivery for you. You'll do great! It is hard, but I know you can do it. I was induced with my second, and it went FAST! Hopefully yours will...
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    Please help - sad sick kitty....

    Your cat may have caught a upper respiratory virus while he was at the pound. This is very common with animals in the shleters. I'd take him to the vet to make sure, and they'll probably give him some medicine. But I think this is a virus and has to run its course (at least that's they way it...
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    New Rules Of The Office..will be effective immediately...

    When I was in college, my grandmother died during finals. I was in Texas, and the funeral was in Minnesota. I decided to take the exams I hadn't already taken early. One of my professors actually bumped my grade up since I didn't have as much time to study! There need to be more people like her!