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  1. DreamerRose

    Anyone experienced kittens born with external organs

    I am so sorry this happened. As Sarthur2 said, this is very unusual. So, so sorry.
  2. DreamerRose

    Panther has a broken femer!

    Lily was like that, but I was persistent and just did two front claws until they were all done. She's more tolerant of it now, but I still can't do her back claws. Fortunately, they don't need to be done as often. Keep on trying to cut his claws. It takes a while to realize it doesn't hurt and...
  3. DreamerRose

    Unusual color?

    I've seen one weird cat in my neighborhood that is/was similar. At first, he was pure black, but a few weeks later, the undercoat was gray (he was a long hair). I posted on TCS asking if this was a fever coat. Everyone said no because the undercoat would be pure white. Months later, I saw him...
  4. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day, Saturday, the 23rd of October, 2021

    I like pretty, lovely prints. Solids are boring, but I do wear some. I wear jeans and twills. Get really tired of jeans.
  5. DreamerRose

    Boy or Girl

    That is an adorable bunch of kittens! So sweet! The two in the pics look like boys to me.
  6. DreamerRose

    Black beads on my cats anus

    Sounds like an impacted anal gland, but check with your vet to make sure. Anal glands are at 4 and 8 on the anus.
  7. DreamerRose

    A Meow Meow Gif A Day Keeps The Woof Woof Away

    You gotta see this! Bohemian Catsody
  8. DreamerRose


    Absolutely. This neighborhood is mostly families and older people.
  9. DreamerRose

    The difference between dogs and cats

    You haven't tried to use the bathroom with a cat around.
  10. DreamerRose

    Chewey's Supply Chain Issue

    The grocery store had no bagels or English muffins this morning. Never seen that before.
  11. DreamerRose

    Chewey's Supply Chain Issue

    I haven't had a problem with them, but then I order FF and Sheba. Nobody in this town has Sheba, but Chewy does. All these problems are probably due to supply chain/shipping issues.
  12. DreamerRose

    Question of the Day - Monday, October 18, 2021

    I don't think my cats notice, but today I found them both lying on my bed in the warm sunshine. My bedroom window faces southwest, so the afternoon sun is fairly intense there. They stayed all afternoon instead of following me around the house.
  13. DreamerRose

    Cat with greenish discharge, heavily pregnant and seemed to try and have her kittens less than 30 mins ago

    She's talking for her kittens. If they need her, they will respond to her. She's doing fine overall.
  14. DreamerRose

    Panther has a broken femer!

    He's doing very well on his three legs! Well done! Let him look out the slider all he wants. It's cat TV. My two, who are strictly indoor kitties, love to look out my front door and the slider in the back. I had to put pet screen on the front screen door, though, because Mingo went straight...
  15. DreamerRose

    Update- Excellent news!

    Wonderful! Hope this makes all the difference in the future.