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  1. DreamerRose

    Duplicate Posts

    What causes a post to show up with two, three, or four copies? If it's something I'm doing, I would like to know how to stop it.
  2. DreamerRose

    What noises do your sleeping cats make?

    Mingo grunts and groans while he sleeps like it's such a hard life and he's so tired. Very funny to hear. Lily will snore when she sleeps in my lap. What about your cats?
  3. DreamerRose

    Australian Bushfire Relief

    If you are interested in trying to help the people and wildlife being devastated by the Australian bushfires, here is a list of agencies you can contribute to. If you are in the US, keep in mind that $50 AU is about $38 US. Australia's Red Cross Disaster relief and recovery fund helps support...
  4. DreamerRose

    Famous Cats of War

    Here's an interesting slide show of five cats who helped their units or survived tragedy during wartime. Some of them have been awarded medals. Five Famous Cats of War | petMD
  5. DreamerRose

    Overdone Songs

    What song back in the day has been played so often infinitum that you hope you'll never hear it again? For me, it has to be Sweet Caroline. WSB in Atlanta played it every morning at the same time that our alarm went off, so we woke up to that horn blast "Bah! Bah! Bah!" If I do hear it now, I...
  6. DreamerRose

    Eye Infection

    So Mingo was due for his annual checkup this week. He had been having some discharge from his right eye that looked like pus, so I brought that to the vet's attention. She checked him under a fluorescent light and it turned out his eye was scratched. It probably came from wrestling with Lily...
  7. DreamerRose

    By Da Book, By Da Boom

    Are any current commercial on TV getting to be irritating to you? This one is to me, and then there's that Progressive commercial of Flo in Maid for Us. What turns you off?
  8. DreamerRose


    Don't you think it's time to take down that pop-up asking us to contribute to the book give-away? The thread is closed and the winners announced.
  9. DreamerRose

    A Feline Thanksgiving

    I've noticed lately in threads about US Thanksgiving that a lot of people are throwing out the turkey giblets. Usually, I simmer these to make a broth for gravy. Even if you don't do this, the giblets are a Thanksgiving feast for the cats. They love the heart, liver, and gizzard. They will chew...
  10. DreamerRose

    Halloween's Coming! Hide Your Black Cats!

    It's time again to remind everyone with black cats to take care not to let them out around Halloween. Unfortunately, there are always some wicked people who will tease and torture black cats. It's not a good idea to tempt fate.
  11. DreamerRose


    New Posts is showing up in Chinese or Japanese characters. If I ask Chrome to translate, it only translates one thread title. Here is one post after it's been translated: Ewha Womans University Station Opie ㈛ two operational premises late bar ㉻ o "PSs" 7 dot cOm ㋒ Opie used ㊃ yidaegeon Do ㋧...
  12. DreamerRose

    Bird Videos And Fishing Games

    Do your cats like to watch bird videos or play the Friskies fishing game? Lily never got the hang of the fishing game, but Mingo did. When the fish disappeared, he would lift the tablet with a paw to see where the fish went. Lily was staring at the computer so intently one night that I...
  13. DreamerRose

    Uploading Pictures

    Why is it so difficult to upload a picture? Every time I try to insert one, I get a pop-up that wants a URL. I have no idea what the URL is for the pictures on my computer, and anything I try just comes up with an IMG box. This is frustrating. It used to be very easy to upload a pic.
  14. DreamerRose

    Resolved Error Message On Posting

    Too often, when I post, I get an error messages saying I must wait 20 seconds before doing whatever it thought I was doing. What I was doing was rereading my post for errors, and then posting for the first time. Since it is the first time I have tried to post, why am I getting this error message?
  15. DreamerRose

    Resolved Spellcheck Gone

    I don't see an icon for spellcheck, although a squiggly red line still appears under mispelled words. Has this feature been deleted?
  16. DreamerRose

    Ear Cleaning

    Do you clean your cat's ears? My cat has an excessive amount of ear wax in his right ear. Six months ago, the vet got some of it out during a visit, but wanted to do another cleaning under sedation for $250. I'm balking at the amount. I've seen several OTC liquids at the pet store to soften ear...
  17. DreamerRose

    Curious Sniffing Behavior

    When I am lying down for a nap, my cat will come up to my face and smell my breath. Can he tell if I'm asleep by that? What does he smell? Why does he do it?
  18. DreamerRose

    Wny can't I reply to a post in IHMO?

    The title says it all.