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  1. WWG1WGA

    Help Please. I am trying to rescue a semi feral who is not eating much (teeth or stomatitis issues)

    Hi, I have been here before. I have a semi feral, I guess, he communicates with me very well who lives in the backyard.. parents did the TNR a few years ago and released him into our backyard ( Geniuses & kept his littermate inside) . He has been around since maybe 5 years ago.I moved back...
  2. WWG1WGA

    Help catching my semi feral cat.

    Hi I have written before about Buddy. He lives on my property, has kitty houses and I believe he is having a dental problem, for 2 months his eating has been erratic, lost many pounds, now. I have to puree his food to get him to eat. The local vet I use has been nice enough to allow me to bring...
  3. WWG1WGA

    Slowly Losing my Mind attending to long time feral cat.

    Hi, My torture by feral cat has been ongoing for over 4 months now. We have a feral my parents got "fixed" and put in the yard about 6 years ago. They kept 1 cat and put this one in the woods. Brilliant caring people (thats a joke) anyway when I had to move here a few years ago to start to look...
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    Very Sick ( feral or stray) cant smell wont go in trap for vet trip

    Hi, long story short. I care for 1 feral for 5 years. He lives under my deck in one of 3 luxurious cat houses of his choice. Recently another cat arrived. She looked a bit beat up, but now she looks very ill. I called the ani,al hospital and I can bring her tomorrow. Problem is she cant smell...
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    Outdoor Feral Iives Outside Missing

    Hi, I always feed feral cat that has been around my house for 4 years. I know this because my Stepdad did TNR? a small litter. My self serving mother kept 1 cat I think there was 2 other the lil boy stayed around and my Step Dad been caring for him since . I had to move back home to help care...