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    how can anyone be so cute

    This little one is absolutely beautiful and precious. What a precious girl @jamie_02 .
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    Comment by 'raysmyheart' in media 'Baby's First Christmas'

    This is super-adorable. I love how kitty is holding a little bear, I think. This is really precious.:)
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    Comment by 'raysmyheart' in media 'IMG_20181110_174734'

    A beautiful photo of a beautiful cat (who looks super-sweet, too)!:)
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    Comment by 'raysmyheart' in media 'IMG_20181107_213415'

    Such a sweet and beautiful cat! I love the beautiful white and ginger fur and gentle expression of this kitty!
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    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    Happy First Birthday to the beautiful kittens @Jcatbird ! :celebrate: Happy Birthday Wishes to Flash @destinyz12 From Speedy and @raysmyheart ! :celebrate:
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    Comment by 'raysmyheart' in media 'Memory Music Box'

    Oh, that is so magical, with the song from Cats and kitty looking on while it plays!
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    ♥ The ♥ Birthday ♥ Thread ♥**2018**

    @rubysmama , wishing you and sweet Ruby the happiest of Gotcha Days! from, Speedy and @raysmyheart . :) :celebrate:
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    Show Your Babies Eating Or Begging For Food!

    @NY cat man , I love Digger's sweet expression watching you eat! :)
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    Question Of The Day. Saturday 10th Of November.

    These days, my favorite shopping is grocery store/market shopping, but only after the crowds are gone, I love to go after 10pm. I work in stores (two) all week long and have always worked in stores as a career since 1979, some in discount retailing and some for a major department store. I...
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    Question Of The Day - Monday, November 12, 2018

    The longest trip in distance I took (driving) was from Boston, Massachusetts to Houston then to San Antonio which is about 2040 miles/ 3283 kilometers. The next longest distance was from Boston, Massachusetts to Nassau, Bahamas (flying) about 2012 kilometers/1250 miles.
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    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    @Mer.kitten , thank you for sharing this, I just think Honeybunny is such a sweet girl! She is really so pretty and always looks very gentle.:hearthrob: Thanks for posting these! Speedy and @raysmyheart send a hug to Honeybunny.:heartshape: These made our day, for sure.:)
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    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2018

    One of the first songs I remember as a child. I still love this version of this song as much now as way back then. It was from The Beatles 65 album.
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    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    @1CatOverTheLine , I couldn't have said it better than @tinydestroyer has said, that these observations are of pure beauty and pure goodness, something that this World needs so badly and I, also thank you for posting these words. Today I activated my online Advent Calendar that I have been...
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    Lets See Your Majestic/distinguished Pose!

    Greg is indeed majestic @Purr-fect, wonderful photos and he has such a gentle look in his eyes.:)
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    :yeah: :dizzycat:
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    It's only the right thing to do @Tobermorey , no one will believe Mocha caused a crash with such an innocent look.;) Now this pic - Speedy was caught in the act, I don't think her expression could explain this away. Speedy -"I'm only arranging the glass figurines. What? Did you think I was...
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    I absolutely agree like @Mer.kitten said and Mocha should absolutely get a treat Or two.:)
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    @Tobermorey , I believe this sweet cat.:)
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    That is the same thing with Speedy @Mer.kitten ! The fur on Speedy's back is mostly short hair and a little rough, but the fur on her tummy is longer, fluffier and silkier. Nonetheless, I think Honeybunny is simply adorable.:)