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  1. Mrsty1203

    Still struggling with food issues

    I’m having a problem with my newly adopted 4 year old. She apparently has chicken allergy so food is an issue. She’s been sort of diagnosed with IBS/IBD. Plus she is picky… usually refuses most new foods. Her proteins she seems to be able to eat are turkey, duck (sometimes) and fish. One day i...
  2. Mrsty1203

    New cat is not healthy.

    So we just adopted this beauty Stella from a rescue group. I’m so angry, turns out she’s really not too healthy. The stinky diarrhea she’s been having is not so much from diet change to new food but from Giardiasis and worms. The group blames the foster mother for not telling them. Well, I...
  3. Mrsty1203

    Will rice help?

    Some of you may know I have a new cat, 4 years old. Just got her a couple weeks ago from a rescue group. It took a couple days to get an answer from them of what the foster mom who had her for a year had been feeding. By then she already had diarrhea. They were feeding the garbage cheap...
  4. Mrsty1203

    Sweet Girl Nina

    Just a few weeks ago we sent our sweet girl, Nina to the Rainbow Bridge. I had adopted her from a rescue group at 5 months old. She was 19 1/2 years old. She was diagnosed at 15 years old with reabsorption of teeth, and had all her molars and a canine removed. Then at 17 was diagnosed with...
  5. Mrsty1203

    Newly adopted

    We just adopted this 4 year old momma from a local rescue group. She was rescued pregnant, from a kill shelter. She’s been in foster care for a year and I’m sure she was getting passed over for kittens. Her name is Stella Bella. We are excited to give her a new home as we lost our 19 1/2...
  6. Mrsty1203

    Newly Adopted Cat

    I recently adopted an adult cat from a rescue group. I’ve only ever gotten kittens before. She’s about 4 years old and had been rescued, pregnant, from a kill shelter about to destroy her. She’s been in foster care for about a year. The foster mom was feeding her the cheapest food she could...