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  1. Hoboforeternity

    Goat Milk for Adult cats?

    i recently found lactose-free, frozen raw goatmilk people selling online. i wonder if it's any good for cats to get them to drink more and adding to the occasional treats I can give them. what are the risk? is it good for adult cats?
  2. Hoboforeternity

    Do you allow your cat to walk around sedatives?

    Rivel is still wobbly, but she won't sleep after her dental treatment. I already keep her in my room where there are no stairs or anything. She cannot jump yet, so i put a rabbit gate in front of the door. She can walk around as long as she's not falling right?
  3. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel is going to undergo teeth scaling for her gingivitis today. Wish her luck

    Already dropped her at the vet. I am kind of anxious.
  4. Hoboforeternity

    Cat freaked out by cleaning lady

    Hi all, i recently hired someone to deep clean my house every 2 weeks. Silver is REALLY freaking out because of her. She's usually afraid of new people, but never this afraid. What can i do to make silver better while the cleaning lady work? In ordinary scenario, she usually would just hide...
  5. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel is being crazy brat and it's really stressing me out

    Since silver got back from the hospital rivel has been acting like an a-hole. First she hisses to silver, to me too. She avoids our usual areas and prefer to hang out upstairs. Which mostly isn't a problem. She had similar problem when i first got silver. Won't eat, but she would eat if i...
  6. Hoboforeternity

    Why don't rivel recognize silver after spay surgery?

    Long story short silver was spayed last friday, due to circumstances, my house had emergency construction and i deciced to let silver stay in the hospital until the construction is finished. It's been 5 days and i finally got silver back home. Now rivel is acting like the first time they met...
  7. Hoboforeternity

    Emergency construction in my house, 1 scaredy cat + recovering from spay surgery!!

    So last night the gypsum ceiling in my house collapsed. It happened at 2AM while i was sleeping. It was my room so soon it will become construction site and there will be repairman running around for the next few days to repair the leak also. Our socially significant area living room and my...
  8. Hoboforeternity

    Kitten in heat: litterbox problem?

    So silver began to poop outside her toilet, i wonder if it got anything to do with her being in heat. When she pees, she sometimes use the litterbox, but sometimes she pees on the floor in the bathroom (thankfully bathroom so it's easy to clean). It's always that one particular corner too. I...
  9. Hoboforeternity

    Cat's nose slight discoloration?

    I noticed Rivel's nose is slightly blue-ish today. Not the nose itself, but the fur above the nose. Is this cause for concern? Might it got something to do with her not want to eat stale canned food? Yesterday: the nose fur are all orange colored: Today: slightly blue in the spot where the...
  10. Hoboforeternity

    Is olive oil safe for cats?

    So about Rivel's suddenly avoidance of refrigerated food, i found out putting a tiny bit works in stimulating her appetite with old food in the fridge (anything more than 12 hours she won't touch) I googled it's not really toxic, so i use it to help her eat. I am more worried about continued...
  11. Hoboforeternity

    How would you measure a cat's temperature without putting thermometer inside their butts?

    it's just a safety measure in case of one of my cat got sick and i need a way to surely determine if they are ill or not. my vet use a digital thermometer to shove up their anus, which of course i won't do for obvious reason. do those later - ears thermometer gun work on cats? is it accurate?
  12. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel hardly eating after visual introduction to new cat :(

    So the first day i opened the door and use a pet gate it was ok. Rivel won't eat around the kitten, so i fed her in the kitchen. The next day, it's slightly getting worse, she's less keen to play, doesn't try to wake me up, kinda aggressive towards me. Now today it's so difficult just to get...
  13. Hoboforeternity

    I have no choice. Is locking new kitten in the bathroom cruel?

    With silver and rivel. I tried my best without locking either in a room. Basically all available spaces in my small house is claimed by rivel, except the bathroom since i don't allow her there anyway. If i lock her in my room, rivel lost access to one of her litterbox, also my room is a...
  14. Hoboforeternity

    Rivel got new little sister, her name is Silver

    Continuing from this thread: I want to formally introduce new member in the family to this community. Meet...
  15. Hoboforeternity

    Need help identifying if a bald patch on kitten is ringworm or not

    Did i screw up becuase i touched my resident cat after this kitten i am taking care of without washing my hands.
  16. Hoboforeternity

    Friendly stray late kitten outside my house. thinking of giving her a forever home. how can i gauge if Rivel will accept her?

    so this morning i was woken up by Rivel meowing at other cat outside. there's this young (maybe 5-6 months?) fully black stray female. i approached her while giving her some food, she was very friendly. she doesn't mind being touched, even lift her butt when i try to pet her i tried to pick her...
  17. Hoboforeternity

    I was rough when bringing her to vet yesterday. Been almost 24 hours she's still afraid of me :(

    So Rivel had to get something checked yesterday, i panicked when bringing her into the carrier, and had to pry her off her hiding place. She usually is mad maybe at most a day after vet, but now she's been upset longer than usual. I feel so bad. Do you think i broke her trust? She came around...
  18. Hoboforeternity

    Found small lump around my cat's shoulder.

    found small lump a bit smaller than jellybean on her shoulder today. It seems to be under the skin and can be really felt if you pinch and pull the skin lightly on the area between shoulder blade. The texture is a bit soft, but still solid. She doesn't seem to react when the lump is touched...
  19. Hoboforeternity

    Pine pellet litter users, how often you do a full strain?

    i am doing a full strain every day and it seems i am using far too much litter because what i am told these last a long time. 20 Lbs bag last me around 5 weeks is that normal or just too much? how often you're supposed to do a full strain? (tossing all the powdered wood shaving and keep all the...
  20. Hoboforeternity

    How often do you clean your cat's ears? Why is her ears so dirty?

    During her first vaccination a month ago i asked the vet to clean her ears, which resulted in tons of black booger being cleaned out. She said there was no ear mites, but might be leftovers from her being on the street before adoption. After that, i cleaned her ears using q-tips every 2 weeks...