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  1. She's a witch

    Over-grooming - stress or allergy?

    I'd like to hear from people with experience with both causes of over-grooming in cats, stress related and allergies. Is there any difference how cats with these conditions behave? Is there more scratching or more licking with allergies? Thank you!
  2. She's a witch

    Chewy’s Miko - discontinued?

    It seems Miko is no longer sold/made. Just after I bought one case that was surprisingly accepted by my guys :) I noticed though American Journey Landmark shredded has the exact same recipe, but seems more expensive unfortunately...
  3. She's a witch

    In search of a recipe

    I'm gathering strength to start my own homemade raw and to maximize chances that my cats like it, I'd like that to be similar to their current commercial raw that they love. So I'm posting their recipes below, if anyone can direct me to the recipe of something similar that can be prepared at...
  4. She's a witch

    Alternative To Plastic Litter Box

    Does anyone use the stainless steel litter box or other non plastic ones, but durable (I don’t mean paper ones)? I need another litter box but I’m trying to reduce plastic use, so looking for alternatives. Plus both my cats are heavy litter box scratchers, so I can only imagine what bacteria...
  5. She's a witch

    Door - How To Prevent Darting Out

    I've always lived in apartment buildings, but in few weeks time I'm moving to the house like apartment, meaning the main door will open directly outside; I'm worried that my cats will dart out, is there any way I can prevent it or at least slow them in case they do? The door opens to the inside...
  6. She's a witch

    Raw&canned Diet Causing Vomiting?

    I managed to transition my picky cat into commercial raw (Darwin's lamb, Natural Pet Pantry, Wild Coast Raw) but I don't feed it exclusively; usually my cats get raw during the week and canned on weekends (Rawz, BFF, American Journey, Instinct). However one of them started vomiting occasionally...
  7. She's a witch

    She Finally Ate It!

    So, yesterday it was a first day when I fed my girl complete commercial frozen raw food only at every meal and she ate it all with pleasure. It took us several months to get there and there's still lot of work (she accepted one brand that I knew would be easiest for her) but I want her to eat...
  8. She's a witch

    Free Shipping, No Minimum - Only Natural Pet

    Only Natural Pet is offering free shipping and no minimum purchase this week - perfect opportunity to buy individual cans, if someone is interested
  9. She's a witch

    Rawz Rabbit

    has anyone noticed any change in texture of Rawz Rabbit pate? One of my cat is refusing to eat what was his favorite food and well, it’s to be expected since he is a cat, but I noticed that the texture looks different now, it’s more firm, and the other cat is eating it but in a different way...
  10. She's a witch

    No Kill Shelters

    I’m sorry but I don’t know where to place this post. I was planning to restart volunteering in the shelter here in US so I looked up no kill shelters in my area. But to my surprise, although they call themselves “no kill”, they say in the description that they don’t kill adaptable cats. So does...
  11. She's a witch

    Wild Coast Raw: Good For My Cats?

    Can you please help me assess if Wild Coast Raw food for cats is of a good quality? I am new into the raw feeding and have very limited trust in commercial raw but it was recommended to me, but Icant find any opinions about it in the internet. I think it looks pretty good. The ingredients are...
  12. She's a witch

    Wet Food - I Am Frustrated

    I am sorry for this post, since it's not really a question but more of a loooong rant, but I simply have to get it out of my system, or I'd go crazy. I have moved to USA over 4 months ago and I am still looking for the best wet food options for my cats. I've read a lot about what is available...
  13. She's a witch

    Long-haul Flight With The Cats

    Hello, In couple of months I will be moving to US with my two cats. We need to transfer them from Luxembourg in Europe to Los Angeles. Putting them with cargo is not an option so they will be travelling with us in the cabin. I was then wondering if it is better to divide the journey in shorter...
  14. She's a witch

    Moving To Us - Cat Food Quality

    So I'll probably move from Western Europe to US. I have two cats, 13 months old and 8-9 months old. I currently feed them wet grain-free food (German brands: GranataPet, Grau, Power of Nature) and if I move, they need to eat the same quality food as now. Food production in US has rather terrible...
  15. She's a witch

    Unerupted Teeth

    Hello, Seven weeks ago I have adopted a 6 months old cat (this is the age assesment as he was rescued). His front right canine tooth seemed to be growing, however since I got him it hasn't erupted at all, it seems stuck at 1 milimeter. I was than wondering if anyone could help me with some...