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  1. tiggs2012

    Is my cat too fat?

    Hi guys, just after a little bit of advice. I have three cats Sammy, Tigger and Felix. Sammy and Felix are my little boys and both have been fixed and I have no real issues with them. Tigger however, my little girl who has also been fixed, has gained so much weight since and I'm concerned it...
  2. tiggs2012

    is my adult cat playing or being aggressive?

    Hi all, I am just after a bit of advice. I have a 2 year old female cat that gave birth to just the one kitten and I decided to keep him. He's 12 weeks old. I also have and 3 year old male cat. Both adults are neutered and the male cat is not the kittens father. The thing is my adult male cat...
  3. tiggs2012

    I think my cat is anti-social!

    Hi, I have 2 cats that mean the world to me, a male Sam and a female Tiggs. I would like to ask about my male Sam. When I say he is anti-social I don't mean he isn't friendly with people, he loves people. What i mean is he just will not get along with other cats! I got him when he was 8...
  4. tiggs2012

    pregnant cat!

    My cat is pregnant, or at least I think she is! I've had her since July last year when I took her in, she was a stray and had been hanging around my place of work for weeks, she was a very skinny little thing when I brought her home. I took her to the vets who said he thought she had been...