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  1. grizzlysapien

    It is time for Grizzly to get a new sibling.. Or isn't it?

    Hello Catsiters! I've had Grizzly for 2 years and 5 months. He's almost 2.5 years old. I would generally describe him as a very active little guy, intelligent, not-your-standard-cuddle kitty, affectionate, perceptive, very playful, lively and bites a whole lot, to show he loves us, or during...
  2. grizzlysapien

    Cat was hit by a car - Owner is in grave need of mental and financial support

    If you are able to financially contribute for Buddy's medical bills, this is the direct link: It is also important we all pray and send healing and positive vibes to Buddy, so that he overcomes this ordeal.. 
  3. grizzlysapien

    Cats with ROUND Behinds

    Hey guys! I am starting this thread to encourage you to upload any photos or videos of your kitties, in which they appear to have a really round behind.. 
  4. grizzlysapien

    Wishes for 2016

    Hello to all the wonderful members of CatSite 
  5. grizzlysapien

    How Can I Get Grizzly to Gain His Long Lost Weight?

    Hello!  Our "patient", Grizzly, is a 17 month old, mixed breed, male neutered cat.. We recently had a severe aggression incident and for the past few weeks I've been getting help, advice and input from respectable members on this thread...
  6. grizzlysapien

    My cat literally slashed my mother - Please Help :(

    Hey you guys.. Sorry for being away (AGAIN!) but things went way wrong these last few days..  Anyway, I am writing this in such anxiety and psychological pain, so you can give me your "lights" on this one. Last night, after an exhausting full day, taking my father to hospital (seems a clot in...
  7. grizzlysapien

    Do our cats name us, as we name them?

    Hello to you all!  So, I have this question and I would appreciate any opinion or feedbcak from you. I have noticed that when Grizzly wants something from me, he makes a certain sound. I don't know how to actually 'write' it, to be as descriptive as possible.. It's like "Mawa"  Of course he...
  8. grizzlysapien

    A big and warm Hello from Greece :)

    Here is the reason why I subscribed  His name is Grizzly. He is a mixed breed (don't know what breeds) and was a 15day old stray when I adopted him. He was found with his siblings crying over their mommy, who was poisoned by a "sorry excuse of a human" and was dead by the time we got to her  I...