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  1. wily1

    First Cat Shelter

    Well the other morning just before I left for work at 0450 AM I did a double take as I have a second floor condo and saw a cat looking at me through the sliding glass door. I know my neighbor had been feeding a little white and black cat so I think it was that one. Then I'm sure a minute later...
  2. wily1

    Christmas Cats

    Let's see your kitty enjoying Christmas, a couple to start off of Tim's first Christmas (crawled in a gift bag) and a couple of years later as "ornament inspector"
  3. wily1

    Laughing Tim

    I just love this pic.....hard to believe he was such a tiny sick kitten when I found him 2 /12 years ago!
  4. wily1

    Tim Turns Two

    Well I will never know the exact date that Tim was born but it was probably right around this time of the year.  I found the little rascal in a barn in mid September two years ago and took him home. He was pretty sick when I got him, but look at him now!  When I took him to the vets for a...
  5. wily1

    Tim the Cat's first year.

    Well hard to believe Tim has been with me almost a year, and hard to believe how the tiny sick little kitten I found in a barn is now a healthy happy cat.  He is still a little on the small side but that is due to being taken away at a very young age (not by me) and being on meds when he was...
  6. wily1

    Tim the cat my "little helper"

    Well I guess Tim is hoping I catch us some fish this spring as he seems to want to help me tie up some flies!  I will just have to be very careful to make sure everything is put away and he doesn't try to jump up while I have a hook in the vise. That's his bedding etc under the fly tying bench...
  7. wily1

    Tim's first Christmas Gift

    Well Tim got his first gift wrapped Christmas Gift, the treats he loves from his Aunt Kim.  Anyway he crawled into a gift bag and looked so cute I had to snap a picture.  Then after all the excitement he curled up on my chair for a nap.  We did gifts today as Tim and I are going out of town for...
  8. wily1

    Tim the cats story continued

    Well Tim has been with me almost three months and has been doing great.  He is going with me to my girlfriends to meet her cat, so far he has met the neighbours little dog and didn't seem to be shy or anything.  Anyway he is getting big and so far has not destroyed the Christmas Tree.  Anyway...
  9. wily1

    Tim met the family

    I just bought a new truck and gave my older SUV to a nephew.  My sister, her husband, my nephew and his girlfriend came from out of town to pick it up yesterday.  I was a little nervous how my kitten would react as the only people he has ever really been around was my girlfriend and myself. ...
  10. wily1

    Should I trust Tim to behave lol!

    Well after being off for 12 days I go back to work tomorrow.  I work 12 hour shifts and have been putting him in his room when I would go to work.  I would leave him out for short stints if I had to go to the store etc.  Well over the past 12 days he has had free run of the place at night and...
  11. wily1

    Tim the cat's story

    My little kitten Tim was taken from his home and mother when he was too young by an irresponsible person who ended up dumping him off at a farm.  This persons cat did not take well to the new kittens (there were two), anyway instead of going back they were dumped off at this farm where I do some...