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  1. kntrygrl256

    An oldie returns

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if there is still anyone here that was here when I first signed up on the cat site but I am a long time member. Life and work had to take a front seat for a while but I am hoping to be able to be back around more often. For those of you who remember Zander, who had the...
  2. kntrygrl256

    Newborn baby not pooping

    A co-worker found a newborn yesterday. It's maybe a week old. The umbilical cord hasn't been off long. They brought him to me and he made it through the night. He is eating well every two hours. I weighed him at 8 pm last night and he weighted 4 oz/113.39 g. I am feeding him KMR and used a...
  3. kntrygrl256

    The Lion in Your Living Room

    I watched an amazing documentary on cats on Netflix. The Lion un Your Living Room.
  4. kntrygrl256

    Updated pictures of my first fosters.

    Here are some updated pictures of my first fosters. I adore them so much. One has already been spoken for and the lady has already applied for her. All we are waiting for now is them to weigh enough to be spayed & neutered. They are close but not quite there. Maybe another week or two. This is...
  5. kntrygrl256

    Claw dilemma

    With everything that has been going on lately I haven't clipped my cats claws like I should have and when I went to clip Luci's I noticed several of her claws on her front paws have curled and had almost grown into her paws. My daughter told me that the last time she clipped them they were like...
  6. kntrygrl256

    New foster mom

    I got my first fosters today. Nellie a Siamese mix with 4 babies. They have been treated for a URI. They are looking good except one. I am supplementing her with goats milk and wet food. I'll get some KMR tomorrow. I will get a scale also tomorrow. I'm excited yet nervous. The little one don't...
  7. kntrygrl256

    Miss Zander's Queendom

    Yes this is true, I am Zander, short for Alexander (because my human's daughter thought I was a BOY, can you believe such a thing?!?!) WELL I am 110% girl!!!!  That is MISS Zander to those who don't adore me. Now let's get started about how I found my human. I don't remember much about where I...
  8. kntrygrl256

    Getting use to harness & leash

    Ok many of you know my little Miss Zander. Well she has decided to start sneaking out every time the door is open so I have gotten her a collar, harness and leash. She finally got use to her collar. We put her harness on her and she is so small she took it off. She HATES it. She growls every...
  9. kntrygrl256

    A special tribute to my cats

    My sister's friend makes shape pictures and I had her make one for me as a tribute to my cats past and present. I think it turned out beautiful. Now I need to find just the right frame to put it in.
  10. kntrygrl256

    Chillaxin' Time

    Here is a picture I took of Luci-fur yesterday chilling on my bed. Post pictures of your fur-babies chillin'!
  11. kntrygrl256

    The International Cat Show

    I'm volunteering with a local shelter at the cat show. I'm having a blast.
  12. kntrygrl256

    Sammy is missing!!!!! DEVISTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am asking everyone to please send good vibes and if you pray, please pray that my Sammy comes home!!!!! I was running late for work Saturday morning and when I went out the door he scampered out. He usually goes out but will come back in before I leave. When he stays out he ALWAYS will meet...
  13. kntrygrl256

    Gifts of Love

    When I left to go to work this morning I noticed a lump on the hood of my car. When I took a closer look I noticed it was a mouse. Yes my Sammy left me a gift. I guess he thought I needed breakfast, LOL. He is always leaving me little things like that and he is such a sweet heart. Sometimes...
  14. kntrygrl256

    Do you ever want something so bad it consumes you?

    Not cat related. I'll share the history.... Several years ago I found a house that I fell in love with but was unable to purchase (bad credit) at the time. A few month ago I came across this same house and found out it was up for sale again. I am not sure my credit will allow me to get it...
  15. kntrygrl256

    Lap cat

    Every night when I get home from work and sit down Sammy gets in my lap and goes sound do sleep. Who else has a lap cat???
  16. kntrygrl256

    Switching wet food

    I have been feeding Zander Fancy Feast Classics and she absolutely loves it. I went to Publix last night to get her some more but while there I was looking at the Publix brand of catfood. When I looked at the ingredients they are almost identical as the ingredients in Fancy Feast Classics. I...
  17. kntrygrl256

    Strange positions your cats lay...

    Here is Gus, one of my former cats always laid froggie style. Here he is laying on the rump of our horse.
  18. kntrygrl256

    New addition to my family

    Well I will once again be adding a new member to my family of humans and fur babies. My oldest DD's best friend is leaving for college in a few weeks and she asked me if I could take her horse and keep it for her. Of course I said yes!! Other than cats, horses are my most favorite pet. I have...
  19. kntrygrl256

    Mystery solved!!!!!

    My outside puppy has been barking at something under my back porch for the past few days. We have looked around and never did see anything. Thinking it was a snake or rat he had trapped. Oh no, my BF saw what it was yesterday and it is a little gray tabby kitten.     He said it was small and was...
  20. kntrygrl256

    How hot is it?????

    How hot is it where you live?? Well here in Alabama, US it's not only hot it's humid. The lows at night have been in the 70's and the highs are near 100 with heat index about 5 degrees higher. They humidity is what's so rough... 62% and it's only 7 AM .