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  1. gareth

    Ren and Loki today

    Caught the two of them having a nap. Certainly melted my heart....
  2. gareth

    Playing with a new lens - Mia catching the last rays of the day.

    Playing with a new portrait lens. My photo editing software isn't on this laptop so these are raw photos
  3. gareth

    Loki And Ren

    Few pictures of my daughter Arienne with what is now very much HER cat, Loki. All from today or the last week or so... Sneaky one of Mia.. and back to Loki...
  4. gareth

    5 Years.

    5 years since I lost my little Eva. I still dream of her from time to time. I can still hear her Miaow. It's funny. When she died I was utterly traumatised. I said she was my "once in a lifetime cat". I figured this was grief talking. 5 years later I know I was right. Her loss doesn't hurt like...
  5. gareth

    Fleas - But I Don't Understand.

    I saw a flea on my arm last night, so promptly turned the ever-present Mia over and looked at he underside of her neck. Sure enough - riddled with fleas in her fur. Same for Loki. So both Loki and Mia were promtly treated with Advocate, and the entire house and all soft furnishing etc is being...
  6. gareth

    Feeding Time...

    turn the sound on...
  7. gareth

    A Circle Of Burmese

    took this on the phone today because I thought they looked cute. Sorry about someone practicing a brass instrument in the background !
  8. gareth

    Site Security

    Hi guys Some of your affiliate adverts are coming through over http rather than https, which will cause certain browsers to give security warnings about mixed security content. Some versions of certain browsers will end up giving warnings about the site being insecure and show the padlock SSL...
  9. gareth

    Loki And Arienne

    Just a single picture today, and not a great one of the cat, but just saw and snapped it because it sums up their relationship perfectly.
  10. gareth

    Cats On The Rug

    Caught both cats on the rug this afternoon. First up was Mia.. Then 30 seconds of carnage because Loki wanted in on the action.. At which Mia, being half the weight of her brother, decided to leave, leaving Loki... A quick emergency lick... and we're good to go...
  11. gareth

    Few Shots Of The Guys This Evening

    Mia Loki Loki
  12. gareth

    Lucky Shot Of Mia

    Caught Mia lying in front of a roaring open fire tonight. Loooooong exposure time in an otherwise pitch black room but got away with it because she was motionless in the heat. Also had to mess with the colour, but I love the result !
  13. gareth

    When The Moment Has Passed. Why We Grieve So Intensely.

    We often see posts on here along the lines of “I can’t believe how much it hurts” or “why does it hurt so much”, or even “losing my cat hurts more than losing my <insert relative or human loved one here>”. It appears that the grief you feel for your pet is unbelievably powerful. I wanted to...
  14. gareth

    I Defy You Not To Go Awwwwwww

    my 8 month old baby girl Arienne appears to have been adopted by Loki
  15. gareth

    Cats And Toys

    is Loki the only cat obsessed with toys. He will climb up a chest of drawers in the nursery, pull open a drawer, empty it and retrieve "his" toy cat from the baby toys. We just keep him away from it
  16. gareth

    Cats And Babies.

    Ren and Mia. Ren is Mia's baby. If Loki comes to close or tries to lie on top of Ren, Mia gives him a slap around the head.
  17. gareth

    Enjoying The Sunlight.

    There's something magical about cats in the sunlight. I caught a few snaps of Mia this afternoon enjoying a ray of sun in the window, hope you don't mind me sharing. Forgive the yawn, she was clearly bored of me snapping photos ;)
  18. gareth

    Our New Addition

    is our first child, a baby girl called Arienne. The cats have, being burmese, been just awesome.
  19. gareth

    New Baby

    actually a new baby girl, Arienne. The cats love her
  20. gareth

    New (Human) baby about to arrive

    So, obviously we have bought and been given a load of cuddly toys. This morning I found them strewn all over the nursery, and found this scene on the sofa downstairs. Guess this teddy belongs to Loki now...