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    Art, Motion And Sound's Scratching Post Giveaway - 2018

    ENTRY Well, I'd like some of the others more, but I know my cats would like the 'flat scratcher' the most :)
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    Contest Cat Paws - Nov 2017

    Cute little black paw pads on my Misha
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    Weightloss Recs From Vet?

    I finally had a chance to take Misha into the vet. He's about 8 years old, about 18.5lbs when we got him and 17.5lbs now, and we've had him about 3 months now. When I asked about his diet and told him what I was feeding him, the vet said I should double it! He's on a wet food diet and we...
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    Tiki Cat After Dark?

    Just bought the variety pack. They have eaten a few cans of it, but this morning wouldn't eat a single bite of the chicken/lamb one. One cat is a hoover and I've never seen her turn away from food, another is a new overweight cat and is always hungry. Not a bite. They are circling me to feed...
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    Tuxedo Cats ;)

    My new kitty, Mischa! Just adopted him from the shelter last week. They didn't even charge me because he is 8 years old and overweight (18 lbs). He is a total sweetheart though, just ignore the glare in this picture ;)
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    Augustus Just Died From Thread

    I've been spreading the word to some sewing groups I'm in. Hopefully it'll keep some people from having to go through this
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    Augustus Just Died From Thread

    Thanks everyone :( I'm so glad this site is here. It all feels like a bad dream. It was such a stupid, random and horrible way to lose him, I still haven't wrapped my head around him not being around anymore. He was such a sweetheart and had such a strong personality. I wanted so much more time...
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    Augustus Just Died From Thread

    He completely attached himself to me, i can't help but wonder if he would have been stronger if I had been there. I'm just so in shock. This work trip is going to be a disaster if I can't stop crying
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    Augustus Just Died From Thread

    I can't believe it. Augustus just died during his second surgery from eating thread. It was so sudden, and I'm not even there. I left on a business trip a few days ago and he was so strong and full of life. I've only had him for 4 months. He had so so much energy, such a huge personality and...
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    Adoption of shelter cat

    My cat was the same way when I got him. He was fine when we got him home, gave him a few treats, left the room, and came back to a psycho. He didn't hide, but he attacked. We couldn't even go in the room for days. Nothing happened, no noises, but he was just scared. I slipped food in through a...
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    Cat couples

    The first cuddle!!!! I've never had cats that cuddled before!! The black one is a crazy new cat I've had about 2 months. I never thought this would happen, I'm so excited!
  13. Cat couples

    Cat couples

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    Going on a vacation?

    Yes, your male cat will turn in a second if the girl goes into heat, it doesn't matter how uninterested he seems. I even had my fixed male go after my new cat when she was in heat, nothing will ever stop them! And your family will change their minds when the girl starts yowling constantly...
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    Found my cat cut in half

    Oh wow, what a horrific thing to find!  I'm sorry you had to go through seeing your cat like that.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I can't even imagine. And I hope it wasn't a person who did that, the idea that someone could do that is just too awful to contemplate :(
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    Getting rid of a cat? Venting.

    I'm not sure they are totally convinced, but then I also don't think they will get rid of him without telling me. They haven't brought it up and I've been sending them articles and posts from here. I've been working on a film set all week, so they have had him on their own (I've been getting...
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    Getting rid of a cat? Venting.

    Thanks so much for all the support. I'll try my best to get them to read some of the articles here. I think it would be so helpful if I can do that. She just doesn't see his progress, which surprises me since we couldn't even enter the room when we first got him, I think his progress is pretty...
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    Lost my Gus, my life, this past March 14

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is always a horrible thing to lose a pet, a friend and family member, and is especially hard when they are so young and it happens so suddenly. He was so so loved and sounds like he had a wonderful life. There wasn't anything you could have done differently. I can...
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    My cat collection!

    What a beautiful set!! Just like potato chips, you can never have just one! Or two....or three ;) And your new kitty is so beautiful! I'm so jealous of people who find cats or who's cats find them. Welcome to the forum! Some great people and amazing knowledge here