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  1. feralvr

    To my Pipsqueak, with love, whom I lost one year ago today.

    I sit here looking at this blank white page and trying to figure out how to start. LOL. Can't believe it has been a year, and I feel finally ready to post a tribute. Losing Pipsqueak a year ago was a complete shock and so sudden. In just two weeks time, he went from what vet and I thought was...
  2. feralvr

    October 16 !!!!! National Feral Cat Day !!! THANK YOU to all of our fantastic member's who care fo

    October 16, 2015 - National Feral Cat Day! - This is the fifteenth year in a row that Alley Cat Allies has designated October 16 as National Feral Cat Day. I am attending my TNR Organization Fund Raising Event tomorrow night. We will be on hand to talk about TNR and to show some of the...
  3. feralvr

    Saturday, August 23 - Question of the Day !

    :kitty3: Good day to everyone! Happy Caturday :kitty:!! :sun: Do you have a To Do/Errand list for today? What is the first "to do" on your list? I have quite a list for today but the very first thing on mine is to stop at the vet's office to pick Henry's heart medications. Lots of errands...
  4. feralvr

    Let's play...... The Word Rhyming Game !

    This one is simple and fun. Each player posts a word that rhymes with the one posted above. Example: Game Answer: Shame Let's get started and see where this one goes and hopefully we won't get stuck :lol3: ! :clap::clap: ---------------------------------------------------- Night
  5. feralvr

    Want to play?!! Word Association Game !!

    :happy3: What will be the first word that comes to your mind upon seeing the following word??? :think: Example: Spring Answer: Flowers So! Let's get started !! :high5: :D ------------------------------------------- Easter
  6. feralvr

    Pregnant ferals and Nursing ferals - two part question please.

    This has always weighed on me heavily but I know that spay aborts are a necessary downside of TNR. What are your thoughts on this - spay/aborts? Can you help ease our minds when having to make that difficult decision. I know sometimes we just do not know until the vet tells us when we pick up...
  7. feralvr

    OH LAURIE !!!!!!!!! BDAY TIME !!!!!!!!!

    :cake::bday::party4::woohoo::cake::bday::party4::woo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LAURIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I am not going to get all mushy-gushy here. :not: Can't help myself..... :flail: BUT - you are such a special and dear person that GRAND wishes are wanted for you for your special day...
  8. feralvr

    Question of the Day: Saturday, Dec. 7

    Good morning to all! :wavey: I am filling in for Mani today. :santa: :deer: Christmas is fast approaching and I am hosting it this year at our new home for my husband's side of the family. We always do the White Elephant fun gift exchange and that has been the tradition for my husband's...
  9. feralvr

    October 16th is National Feral Cat Day

    Taking a moment to bring awareness and promote this all important day as you all well know it is. :hugs: Alley Cat Allies was the first national feral cat advocacy organization and are the ones who created this very special day back in 2001. Those who dedicate their days and nights to helping...
  10. feralvr

    Only Natural Pet Store - new frozen surcharge and shipping charge change

    They now have NO shipping charge on orders over $79.00!! :clap: but a higher frozen surcharge :nothappy: I know other's purchase Rad Cat from Only Natural Pet but thought I would post this anyway. ONP just made the following changes to their shipping/frozen surcharges. I purchase my RAD CAT...
  11. feralvr

    For Wilbur - A heavenly gift.

    :heart3::rbheart: WILBUR JOE :heart3::rbheart: October 3, 1998 - July 29, 2013 I sit here not knowing how to start this story, this astonishingly miraculous story. So I will write from the heart. This will be a very, very long but worthy read if you will. I am going to try to make it as...
  12. feralvr

    Tuesday, July 23; Question of the day

    Good day to all! :sun: Over the weekend I was going through the last couple of boxes to be unpacked and organized. The photos, sentimental items and scrapbooks. I have an antique wooden box with a hinged lid in which I have kept each and every note, love letter :heart3:, and card from my...
  13. feralvr

    Tuesday, July 16: Question of the day

    :slant: Today I have to do something that I have been putting off - my most disliked task - WEEDING!!! And of course I wait for the hottest week this year. :sweat: :nothappy: I need to pull the weeds and grass that has grown up between the patio stones. Then after that job is done I will...
  14. feralvr

    My dog, Wilbur....

    We just can't seem to get a break lately. :sigh: :shame: Just so much going on in our lives and it still feels like we are battling a storm. :storm: My :heart3: dog, Wilbur, has been at the Evet for the last day and night. We just got him home this morning after seeing his "regular" vet. He...
  15. feralvr


    Hope everyone has a great, wonderful, happy, fun-filled and safe FOURTH!!! :blobred: :blobblue: :clap: :clap: :blobmul: :wavey: :sun: :heart3: :clap: :party: :music: :blobred:
  16. feralvr

    Question of the day: Tuesday, July 2

    :blobmul: FIREWORKS!!!!! :eek: :ohno: my poor Henry (dog) and Wendall (kitty). Henry and Wendall are terrified of storms and fireworks. Each year around and on the fourth I am a slave to my dog, Henry. He has multiple anxiety issues ( one of which includes: FLIES... :lol2: :rolleyes:) and...
  17. feralvr

    Microburst Storm Pictures.

    Hello and thanks to all for the vibes and prayers! We are doing just fine other than sweating bullets. :sweat: 90 degrees and high humidity. :nothappy: Poor Wilbur is having a hard time so I took him to a hotel last night. I am worried, his panting is bad. Vibes for WILBUR please :heart3...
  18. feralvr

    Question of the day, June 25

    Hello everyone. Not a good start to our day. We have no power and no Internet. We had a bad storm last night. It was a microburst similar to a mini tornado. I've never experienced anything like it in my life. A tree crashed through the roof of the house piercing into one of the bedrooms. It was...
  19. feralvr

    Question of the day: Tuesday, June 18

    :blobturq: ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! :blobblue: Do you have any summer ice cream ritual outings? We certainly do! Last summer it was Cold Stone Creamery every Sunday after dinner to make our own bowl of ice cream/candy toppings. This year we head for Dairy Queen...
  20. feralvr

    Question of the day: Tuesday, June 11

    Good day to you all! :sun: GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap: My brother is a HUGE HUGE fan and would go to any lengths or price to get seats to one of the Stanley Cup games. I honestly don't get that! :lol3: Standing room only is $250.00. Other "lousy" seats are at about...