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  1. caitini

    Now We Are Three! Meet The Newest Caitin, Leo

    Leo was supposed to be a foster. Then he was adopted, but it didn't work out - the resident cat in his new home didn't take to him. So he came back to us, and it wasn't too long before we realised we weren't prepared to let him go again. Here are a few pictures to show you why we love him. I'll...
  2. caitini

    Cat Always Pees Standing Up

    Pierre has recently begun peeing while standing up in his litterbox, getting pee on the wall behind it (and under the box). This used to be an occasional thing and is now once or twice daily. I've been able to deal with the sanitation issue using strategically placed puppy pads, but I'm...
  3. caitini

    Selfies with my foster kitty

    I'm giving Fleur back today to her usual foster home, so I thought we'd take a few selfies before she goes. Sure will miss her!
  4. caitini

    Another cat peeing outside box question: identifying the culprit

    So one of my cats has recently begun peeing in places he shouldn't. This is very new behaviour and has happened enough times now for me to become concerned about it. There's no obvious reason for it (I have two cats and three litter trays; the cats get along great; no changes in diet or anything...
  5. caitini

    My cat dream

    I had a really strange dream last night! I was back in my childhood home, at the back door, and I saw a strange cat. He had no collar and did not look well looked after, and I assumed he was feral. But, I put my hand out, and he came over and rubbed his face against it. I started petting him...
  6. caitini

    Camouflage cat!

    My boys are scared of strangers, and hide when someone comes over. They often find new and interesting places to hide. But this one really made me laugh!  Pierre is a camouflage cat!
  7. caitini

    Getting eyedrops into a cat who doesn't want them

    So Pierre has a little eye infection. Nothing major, vet wasn't too worried about it but gave me some eyedrops for him.  He will NOT let me put them in his eyes. Even if I try to be sneaky about it, as soon as he gets a suspicion, he's up off my lap like a jack-in-the-box. He is the kind of cat...
  8. caitini

    Cats peeing on sitter's things - never done this before.

    Hi, so I've been away for a week and a half and I got a live-in housesitter in to look after my babies. This is the first time I've been away for this long since I've had Pierre. With Fuzzy, I've either paid someone to check in on him daily, or left him in the vet's cattery. My cats are both...
  9. caitini

    Last day for foster kitty

    I've been looking after a foster kitty for the past two and a half weeks.  His regular fosterer went away for Christmas and is coming back to get him tomorrow. I've really bonded with this little boy, he's so unbelievably affectionate and cuddly. I can't keep him. I already have two cats, and...
  10. caitini

    Video of my cats at dinner time

    I made a short video of my cats at dinner time, to capture their crazy cat antics. Best watched on a tablet so you can rotate as necessary!  
  11. caitini

    Possessiveness in resident cat

    So Fuzzy and Pierre get along brilliantly most of the time, but there is one issue I'd like to resolve. Fuzzy, my resident cat, can get very possessive of me if I'm petting or cuddling Pierre. He'll come over and nudge Pierre with his head to get him to move away from me, and then take his...
  12. caitini

    Cats OWNING the place!!!

    I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our babies making sure everyone knows whose house it is.  Here's Fuzzy asking "why take up one seat on the sofa when you can take up three?" This is the resident cat, Fifi, at the villa we rented in Guadeloupe last Christmas. It seems the...
  13. caitini

    First time grooming each other!

    Or at least it's the first time I've seen them groom each other. Fuzzy (the older, larger and resident cat) grooms Pierre (just recently adopted) from time to time but I had never seen Pierre groom him back. I'd seen a video of Fuzzy and his sister grooming each other when they were in foster...
  14. caitini

    New Irish kitties!

    Greetings all and hello from Ireland!  I'm the proud mammy of two wonderful young(ish) boy cats, Fuzzy and Pierre. I drive everyone crazy talking about them IRL so I decided I needed to go somewhere there would be people who understand! A few pics: Fuzzy is the big one, Pierre is the...