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  1. lemiman

    Cat Foam out of Mouth and Blood

    Hello everyone, In the past 3 weeks my 2 year old male, neutured cat, Blu, has been foaming out of his mouth with a bit of blood, coughing, and almost no actual vomit. He goes frantic, running around the house, because I think he can't breathe, and I catch a little bit of urine smeared across...
  2. lemiman


    Guys, I went to take Blu to get shaved because he had a terrible flea infestation and some fungal infection. The vet suggested the shaving and then he gave me a couple of medecation and frontline spray. However, I did NOT now that he was going to even get his freaking FACE shaved! I was so...
  3. lemiman

    Furminator as flea comb?

    Hello everyone! Turns out my cat has fleas, unfortunately. I got him a shampoo, spray and powder to treat him later, however I couldn't find a flea comb at the store. I was wondering, since I already have a Furminator, can I use that on him? Do you guys think it might work as good? Thank you!
  4. lemiman

    Cat Urine On Silk Sofa

    Guys, some member of our household accidentaly closed the door on my cat while he was in our guest's livingroom. And yes you guessed it, he peed on one of the expensive sofas. I have no idea how to get the smell and stain out because I'm also afraid to damage the sofa! It's silk. Any tips...
  5. lemiman

    My cat gets aggressive!

    Okay, guys. So, I have a 1 1/5 year old ragdoll neutured boy. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He's pretty clingy and sweet with me, but doesn't really like to cuddle or sit on my lap, but it doesnt matter as long as he's happy I don't force him to do anything. Anyways, sometimes he suddenly...
  6. lemiman

    Can my cat be a himalayan/ragdoll mix?

    Hey guys! So I'm new on this site, and I decided to start off my new post by knowing what exact breed my cat is. So, I got Blu from a Himalayan/Persian breeder but in her description of Blu's picture at 6 weeks old, she said he was a Ragdoll. Anyways, I got him from her at 8 weeks (I attached...