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  1. maggie101

    Raw Food and Urinalysis

    Kidney disease is not the same as crystals so it could just be an unfortunate coincidence. Her prescription food is low protein so I'm worried about her muscle mass. Since it was only just diagnosed I will keep her on Prescription til her next appointment since it is not totally clear what's...
  2. maggie101

    Raw Food and Urinalysis

    My cat has struitive crystals. It can also be caused by stress. She was on Prescription for 3 months then was clear. They can come back. Males are more prone to have crystals. She was fed high quality wet before this happened so it's not always the food. Be sure to have numerous water bowls and...
  3. maggie101

    Could a vet miss fleas?

    You can check yourself and/or the vet do it.part furr on her body
  4. maggie101

    Automatic feeder tips

    After 10 hrs the food was cold? Mine was room temperature maybe because of where I live
  5. maggie101

    Question Regarding Royal Canin Varieties

    Misinterpret .39 The food is supposed to slow the progression. I am mixing with commercial food. She is at early stages
  6. maggie101

    UTI Concerns

    Since I rescued her 3 months old, she has always been on high quality wet food so I don't get why this happened though ckd is not the same as crystals this
  7. maggie101

    My cats front paw has a crooked nail.

    If my cat Coco scratches on sisal she will get her claws stuck. I have the vet trim them. I only have corrugated scratchers instea
  8. maggie101

    Automatic feeder tips

    I thought being low would bother them but it doesn't. Maybe because cats are used to eating on the ground
  9. maggie101

    Automatic feeder tips

    I set it 10 pm and they eat 6 am. By then it's room temperature but I don't worry about it because it's cooked
  10. maggie101

    Automatic feeder tips

    As soon as she smells food she will run over. If you live in a house,not apt, it won't take her long to figure out where the food is if it's always in the same place. Put it near where she sleeps. My cats love theirs! One of my cats sleeps right in front of it and waits
  11. maggie101

    Looking for a new dry cat food?

    I buy orijen soft treats without bone. Chicken,turkey,hearts and gizzards. She licks her lips and purrs at the same time
  12. maggie101

    Looking for a new dry cat food?

    I had a semi feral that would eat a whole bird and leave the feathers. Now in my apt now afraid of the outdoors!
  13. maggie101

    Looking for a new dry cat food?

    For bone nw naturals,primal,stella&chewy,vital essentials,and more.
  14. maggie101

    Looking for a new dry cat food?

    Meat byproducts can include clean and nutrient-rich organ meats such as lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach, and intestines that are cleaned of their contents. They are not allowed to contain hide, hooves, horn, or teeth. Meat meal is further cooked (rendered) to kill any bacterial...
  15. maggie101

    Cat Licking Arms

    If you mean when your on the couch I put my cat above me where I have lots of baby blankets
  16. maggie101

    How prevent my cats from peeing on my floors?

    That is alot of cleaning. What do you use? Does it smell? Also, one other reason cats pee out of the box is UTI so they would need to see a vet
  17. maggie101

    Looking for a new dry cat food?

    If she has constipation it's from the dry food. For a sensitive tummy the best way to find out if she's allergic to something is to buy a variety of canned limited ingredient. be sure to check the ingredients. Some say chicken but include fish
  18. maggie101

    Pouting over food sharing

    Put her in a separate room.
  19. maggie101

    Puka vs my two cats - some advice please

    Does she have anywhere high to jump? I have baby blankets scattered over my couch. My very timid cat sleeps there. One of my cats does not like her