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  1. tuxedokitties

    Destructive chewing

    Hi! One of my cats has an appetite for plastic, and is by far the most destructive chewer I've ever known. Thankfully I don't think she swallows it, but she chews on everything plastic. I keep charging cords and earphones out of reach or she'll sneak up and sever them the moment I'm not...
  2. tuxedokitties

    Cordless water fountain?

    Oops, the link doesn't work for me. Can you please tell me what it's called, and where you get it? :-)
  3. tuxedokitties

    Cordless water fountain?

    Thank you! If I get a batter charger and rechargeable batteries, that should work fine. One of my cats has an insatiable appetite for electrical cords.
  4. tuxedokitties

    Cordless water fountain?

    Has anyone tried a cordless water fountain? Have you found one you are happy with? Thoughts? Recommendations? (I'm in the US) Thanks in advance!
  5. tuxedokitties

    Chewing and eating foreign objects

    I've had cats all my life but have never had trouble with any of them chewing or eating foreign objects until our current two came along. Our female chews and destroys cords, cables, and Crocs, but doesn't swallow them. I'm ordering cable covers, because bitter pet deterrent doesn't work for...
  6. tuxedokitties

    Putting things in the water dish

    One of our 2 cats digs around and in the water bowl before drinking. I know that's pretty common, we just keep the floor clean and change the water frequently to keep it clean. The problem is that she also will seek out a towel, washcloth, or even an item of clothing and put it in the water...
  7. tuxedokitties

    Yet Another Quarantine House

    4, but with a view of the mountains!
  8. tuxedokitties

    Constant Peeing- I'm losing it

    Ugh, I had a cat do this before. I put a waterproof tarp on my bed while trying to solve the problem; it was helpful because it protected the bed, and if she peed on it she got herself wet, which was a deterrent. Ditto the zippered waterproof mattress cover and enzyme cleaner. Has cat been...
  9. tuxedokitties

    Escape artist

    Our 9 month old kitten is the fastest, most fearless, most determined escape artist I have ever known. Up until last month, he had tried once or twice to go outside to explore, but it was pretty easy to prevent him from getting out. Then a few weeks ago he walked out the door while my daughter...
  10. tuxedokitties

    Looking for teething toys or suggestions for a chewing kitten

    Teething item recommendations? Our 6 month old kitten is chewing like mad. Our now-adult cat confined herself to destroying our Crocs and all my phone cords at this age (I just had to learn to keep all phone and earphone cords out of reach), but this kitty chews whatever strikes his fancy...
  11. tuxedokitties

    What Do Kitten/very Active Cat Owners Do For Christmas Tree Lighting?

    My old cats never bothered with the tree lights, but I'm wondering if our 5 month old kitten might be likely to try to chew light cords/strands on the tree. I've read the Cats and Christmas article but didn't see any mention of lights.
  12. tuxedokitties

    Kitten Food Recommendations?

    Adding, I used to feed our previous cats Wellness and they did very well on it, but I've given this kitten Wellness dry and canned, and the dry seems to disagree with her digestion. I don't know if the formula has changed, or if it's just her digestion. She does fine with their canned, but it...
  13. tuxedokitties

    Kitten Food Recommendations?

    Looking for suggestions for good quality canned & dry kitten food available in the US that is somewhat reasonably priced and is soy free. I understand that with better brands you can feed a lower volume, so I'm fine with paying more for good quality, but we're on a budget and can't do the super...
  14. tuxedokitties

    Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas?

    Thank you for all the ideas!
  15. tuxedokitties

    Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas?

    I like that idea, weebeasties. Thank you!
  16. tuxedokitties

    Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas?

    Columbine, thank you for all the wonderful ideas!
  17. tuxedokitties

    Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas?

    :hellosmiley: Hello again! We have a new kitten, after having been cat-less for the past few years, and with the holidays approaching, I'm thinking about tree decorations. Since we'll have to leave the fancy, fragile ornaments boxed up for at least this year and who knows how much longer, I...
  18. tuxedokitties

    Litter & Litter Box Recommendations?

    After spending most of my life with multiple cats, for a few years after the last of ours passed, we have been catless. Now we've adopted a 4 month old kitten, and though I thought I knew what I wanted to go with for litter, I'm basing it on my previous experience with multiple cats and senior...
  19. tuxedokitties

    Anyone Use Feline Pine With A Sifting Litter Box?

    Hello :) I'm wanting to use Feline Pine pellets, and hoping to find a sifting litter box with enough clearance between the sifter and pan to allow the sawdust to fall down into a pan below as the box is used, to hopefully cut down a lot on tracking. Does anyone know of or have a sifting box...