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  1. caitini

    Now We Are Three! Meet The Newest Caitin, Leo

    Leo was supposed to be a foster. Then he was adopted, but it didn't work out - the resident cat in his new home didn't take to him. So he came back to us, and it wasn't too long before we realised we weren't prepared to let him go again. Here are a few pictures to show you why we love him. I'll...
  2. caitini

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    He came close to it all right! But he found a nice forever home.
  3. caitini

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Tyler, former foster kitty, sleeping in the cat tree
  4. caitini

    Show Your Babies Eating Or Begging For Food!

    Fuzzy and Pierre, not satisfied with their own dinners, start picking at their humans' leftovers
  5. caitini

    You can't see me!

    I brought the cats on holiday with me for the first time last week. They both loved it, eventually, but on arrival Fuzzy was a little nervous ...
  6. caitini

    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    Is this quality floof or is this quality floof!
  7. caitini

    Cats On Chairs Outtakes

    I had only got up a minute earlier, and came back to find Pierre like this ...
  8. caitini

    Show me your eyes

    Fuzzy has such an intense stare. I love his eyes.
  9. caitini

    You can't see me!

    He can't hide those ears anywhere :lol:
  10. caitini

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Fuzzy doing tree yoga! Or something :lol:
  11. caitini

    You can't see me!

    My last foster boy, Leo, playing hide and seek in the sofa with Fuzzy and Pierre
  12. caitini

    Why Would I Sleep In A Cat Bed When I Can Sleep...

    ... on the hard space on a windowsill between the two cushions mama has put down for us? :lol:
  13. caitini

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    My foster boy Leo has amazing stripes on his tail, which this picture shows off pretty well.
  14. caitini

    Show Us The Whiskers

    My new foster boy Leo
  15. caitini

    I Has An Expresshun!

    "What do you mean, waking me up from my (18th) nap (of the day)?" - Tyler
  16. caitini

    Contest Cats In Awkward Positions.. P O M: May 2018

    Thank you! Fuzzy is actually a boy cat, but you are not the first to make that mistake!
  17. caitini

    Contest Cats In Awkward Positions.. P O M: May 2018

    Only a cat could sleep with the top half of their body on the seat and the lower half hanging off it. This is Fuzzyhead.
  18. caitini

    Contest April Picture Of The Month: Grooming Time

    Fuzzy looks after his little brother Pierre so well
  19. caitini

    Applause For Paws

    Tyler (foster cat) giving me a high-five ... ... while a sleeping Pierre clings to my knee for dear life!