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  1. Bobsk8

    Litter Genie Refills

    I used to get Litter Genie Refills on Amazon, which were much cheaper than the regular LG refills and worked just as well. Then they disappeared from Amazon. They have moved to their own website now and are available again. FIRIK Refill Cassette Compatible with Litter Genie - Large Capacity 21...
  2. Bobsk8

    Kitten plays in water fountain

    My daughter adopted two kittens about 4 months ago , and now they are about 8 months old. The problem that started two days ago, is one of these kittens has started playing in the Catsmate Water fountain. My daughter couldn't figure out why the fountain was empty the last couple of days when she...
  3. Bobsk8

    Cost of Heartworm test

    Brought Misty to the Vet today for her Rabies shot, and they asked me if I wanted to do a heartworm test. I asked what the cost was and they told me $157. I declined the test because of the cost since my cat is an indoor cat, and I figured that her getting heartworms was probably not very...
  4. Bobsk8

    My Problem with Pine Pellets

    I adopted my Rescue 9-month-old cat, back in February. The person at the adoption agency told me that the cat was using Pine Pellets for the litter, so when I got home, I checked YouTube videos on Pine Pellets and started using them. All went well for a couple of months until I went into the...
  5. Bobsk8

    Indoor only cat flea preventative.

    Just looking for some opinions. I have an indoor only cat that is around a year old. I started her on Advantage, and then switched to Revolution thinking about ear mites, heart-worms etc. I am on a fixed income, which just got lowered due to a long bout with Covid 19 and recovery. My question is...
  6. Bobsk8

    New Pine Pellet Problem

    I have been getting Pine Pellets from both Tractor supply and and Petsmarts brand which appeared to be exactly the same. item: 5212426 ExquisiCat Naturals Pine Cat Litter 1 x $10.99 size: 25 Lb I liked the idea of the Petsmart brand since it was a 25 pound bag and easier fro me to handle...
  7. Bobsk8

    Thinking about getting one of these action toys.

    I was looking at these three actions toys trying to decide which one won't fall apart quickly. Most of the reviews on the three, site problems with reliability . Wondering if anyone on this forum has a preference with their personal experience. Cats meow Toy. Cat's Meow Motorized Chaser Cat...
  8. Bobsk8

    Good solution for Pine Pellet Litter boxes.

    I bought two SoFresh sifting litter boxes when I adopted my cat a few months ago. They work well with the Pine pellet litter with one exception. The distance under the sifting tray to the pan the tray sits in was not very large. For this reason, I had to dump the sawdust out from the lower tray...
  9. Bobsk8

    Question on hairballs

    My one year old short hair cat has never had a hairball. Should I give her something like Laxatone Treats as a preventative, even though she has never had one? Thanks.
  10. Bobsk8

    One year old cat, how often to feed?

    I have a one year old cat ( just turned one), and I feed her one small can of wet food in the morning around 7:30, and another can around 3:30 in the afternoon. Then I feed her some dry food around 7 PM ( small amount, maybe a couple of tablespoons full). The reason for the dry food, is she...
  11. Bobsk8

    Accurate scale for weighing a cat

    Spent a few days researching a scale and method for weighing a cat. Hold the cat and stepping on a home scale generally isn't very accurate, since everytime I stand on one of these scales the weight varies a bit. I finally found this article by a vet, and he recommends the Odowalker luggage...
  12. Bobsk8

    1 Year old indoor cat, heartworm med or not.

    I live in the Atlanta area and have a 1 year old indoor only cat. I am giving her Advantage 2 monthly for fleas. My question is, would it be good to give her Revolution, or Heartgard for heartworms, or is it not necessary for an indoor cat?
  13. Bobsk8

    Good video on food.

  14. Bobsk8

    Litter Box size, most way too small

    I rescued my latest cat about 6 weeks ago. Prior to doing that I spent a great deal of time researching litter and litter boxes including litter box size. I decided on Pine petts for litter and both my cat an I are very happy with the result.. Inexpensive, no odor and easy to take care of...
  15. Bobsk8

    Won't sleep in cat bed

    I bought 2 different beds for my cat which I adopted about 6 weeks ago. She will sleep on her cat tree bed, on my sofa, but seems totally indifferent to either cat bed. Any suggestions.
  16. Bobsk8

    Refilling an SSSCAT

    I looked at the cost of a can of air for the SSSCAT which is over $10. I found a video on how to refill the cans for next to nothing.
  17. Bobsk8

    Just adopted cat first vet visit question

    I adopted my 10 month old cat last week. She is very friendly. When I adopted her they gave me a coupon for a free health and wellness check after 2 weeks from VCA hospital. I found one near me and made an appointment at the end of the 2 weeks which the adoption center suggested. In the mean...
  18. Bobsk8

    Just adopted a rescue, question on canned food.

    I have purchased several types of canned food over the last few days since adopting my new cat. One brand I tried is the Rachel Ray canned variety in the small cans. Misty gobbled it up this morning, a tuna flavored. I then checked on some reviews of this food on Amazon, and there were quite a...
  19. Bobsk8

    Sifting box for pine litter

    New to the forum. I am adopting a cat for a rescue this coming Thursday, The Cat is already used to the Pine pellets, because that is what they use at the rescue shelter. I was thinking about buying this sifting box for use with the Pine Pellets. Anyone here tried it...