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  1. MiloTheBlackCat

    Confusing behavior, constant meowing, in and out. Is he just picky or is it something else?

    Milo will not stop meowing when we put him inside to eat his food! He sits at his food bowl, meowing and meowing, but when I fill it up he takes 1 bite and walks away meowing. I give him attention, still meowing. Sits by the door meowing, I let him back outside and less than a minute later he...
  2. MiloTheBlackCat

    TaaaaiL Tuesdayy!

    Take nice pic of your cat's tailiffic tail! Here's mine!!(I'ts the best I could do, I couldn't get any good shots.)
  3. MiloTheBlackCat

    Meowlloh hoomans

    Meowlloh. I'm sure my hooman as told you about me, I'm Milo. I come to say meowlloh to all the other kittens and cats. I am very curious bout everyone and hope to greet you. Come sit on the highest point of the bed with me someday? Then all the cats will rule, and be loved by hoomans, as we give...
  4. MiloTheBlackCat

    Cuddle or Pass!

    In this game, we will be posting pictures of our cats, and people will respond with "cuddle" or "pass"!! I'll start!!
  5. MiloTheBlackCat

    Tea or Coffee?

    What do you like?? Tea or Coffee? (Personally, I like tea)
  6. MiloTheBlackCat


    Hai! I'm Lanie and my cat's name is Milo, he's about a year old (in human years) and very chill and affectionate. I can't wait to receive and give help to and from others! If your cat is acting strange, out of the ordinary, I'm the (cat) person to come to! Milo will be saying hello occasionally...