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  1. Lakek

    Cat peeing behavior

    Hi everyone, so I have a 2 year old, spayed female cat who just got over a UTI. She had a UTI a year ago when my roommate got a puppy and it cleared up with HomeoPet feline UTI+ (I did a lot of research before using and everyone raved on how good it worked) now this past week I noticed the same...
  2. Lakek

    potty habits

    Hey everyone, So I am having problems with my two year old cat. Ever since I got my new kitten (4 months ago) she has started peeing on my clothes or anything that really smells like me. I do not think it’s a health issue, she doesn’t have problems peeing in her 2 litter boxes that are cleaned...
  3. Lakek


    Hello, recently I save a tiny barn kitten. I’ve had her for two weeks, she is probably 7 weeks old right now. Yesterday I got home from work and she was limping. I keep her in my room locked & there isn’t a lot of high furniture. It seems to be hurting her at hire wrist, she will apply pressure...
  4. Lakek


    hello all, I have a 7 month year old kitten who has never had any accidents. Recently these past couple weeks she’s been peeing on only my roommates dirty clothes and randomly on the floor only a couple times around the house. She’s spayed and her two litter boxes are cleaned frequently. I’m...
  5. Lakek

    Spay Incision Infected.

    Okay so my kitten got spayed on 6/6/19 and I adopted her on the 12. When I adopted her they sent me home with clavamox because she started licking the incision. During these last couple of weeks she’s been doing great, healing slowly but surely and then I woke up and it was open and nasty. This...
  6. Lakek


    Hey everyone this is my 4 month old kitten Junebug that I recently adopted 2 weeks ago.