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    From Deborah ~ about her Tiny Toot

    Deborah ~ your message has found its way to the place you meant it to be. Your memories will sustain you til you meet your Tiny Toot once again Deb
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    From Deborah ~ about her Tiny Toot

    I had read about Rainbow Bridge and this month on the 21st makes the one year anniversary that my Tiny Toot entered Rainbow Bridge. I know that one day she will be at the end of the Bridge waiting for me to cross, with her purrs and her wagging tail. The Bridge is a beautiful place where our...
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    TCA sends our thoughts & Prayers to Anne

    I shall have to check out your blog as well Anne.
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    TCA sends our thoughts & Prayers to Anne

    Anne ~ everyone at TCA wants to send their well wishes and prayers for your safety and the safety of your dear family. Those members who are not able to post here have asked that we include them in our thoughts for you. You are in my prayers Deb
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    Congratulations to TCS

    Hissy, I would be more than glad to, but I have a different computer now, and do not have anyone's mailing address. If one of the Mods wants to send me one off, I will get the article in the mail ASAP
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    Congratulations to TCS

    This may be old news to members here ~ but I was reading the May 22nd edition of the Awake magazine the other night. This is published twice monthly by the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. On page 14, there was an interesting article on the Scottish Fold Breed of Cats. Quoted in the...
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    Happy Birthday Jeanie G!

    When I came here tonight on another matter, My personal birthday list was staring me in the face and what did I see? Jeanie's Birthday! I know that Jeanie is not here right now - but should she see this I would like to wish her a wonderful and delightful day ~ one filled with blessings and...
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    Jeanie G.

    I stopped by here tonight (on the now rare occsassion that I do )to check out a question I had and was also very sad to learn that Jeanie has left TCS. I always felt that she handled the Bridge forum with empathy and deep personal sympathy for every pet's owner who had a loved one cross over...
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    Oh God No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debby I have just learned about Merlin and I want to tell you how very sorry that I am he has left you and your family! I truly know how much you love him ~ do not ever doubt that everyone here knows that fact! Merlin would have indeed been miserable as an inside only cat - he loved to play...
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    Goodbye Billie

    Jin - I just checked in and am so sorry to hear about Billie. Even though your heart is breaking, you will see her again. In the meantime, dream of her romping in the fresh grass and jumping to catch those butterflys. You are in my thoughts. Deb
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    Leukemia in cats

    Sandy - I just read your story of Hanna and Jill. I am so very sorry. I too live in NYS (upstate to be exact) and I know for a fact that many no kill shelters are teeming with Leukemia postive cats that need a great and loving home. Why don't you give them a look see? I am not sure where...
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    Very impressive site

    Laurie and Christie. I stopped by just to tell you all how wonderful your new site is. is such a selfless gift to the internet. I am proud of you both! Deb
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    Just a lame funny....

    Good one!
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    How many times a day do you....

    We free feed all day long. With 8 to manage, this works best. The funny thing is that they each have their own feeding bowl and God help one that is on the wrong place!
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    a true story of kitty survival

    Lexy - I can honestly say that I have never heard a story like that before! I am glad that she learned her lesson and behaved after that!
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    Dusty and BabyCat 34

    I am fostering a 3-4 week old ktiten named Dusty! He is beginning to want to transition to some solid food. What luck I had when I read Hissy's comments on the home page! I bought a bag today and wet it with some of his formula! I could not get him away from it. I would say that BabyCat 34...
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    mats of my kitty's fur

    I am going to move this to the grooming and care forum for you! Deb
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    Christopher. Please accept my most sincere condolences on your loss of Teddie. I know how much your heart must ache at this time. Your work at the shleter will have a theraputic affect on you and you will see Teddie someday again to hold and love. May God bless you and Moxie and give your...
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    Visiting Louise's dad

    What sweet pics! How great that you take Orion to visit with your dad!
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    Our bedroom was raided!! :)

    IF and I only say IF you got another room for hubby -you could have the dogs in there too! (sorry Bod)