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  1. hannahe01

    Someone tell me my cat will be fine.

    Hey all. So I’ve had quite a year of mental health catastrophe. Ever since covid my anxiety/PTSD has been through the roof and my depression has worsened. I’m in a bad way and I have decided to get treatment and help but it’s going to be a long road to recovering fully. My 2 year old cat will...
  2. hannahe01

    Does anyone else have a difficult cat when it comes to playtime?

    I haven’t posted in awhile but I guess I’m venting/searching for people in a similar situation.. my 2 year old cat is so difficult to engage when it comes to play. And I know playtime is a super important part of being an indoor cat. It’s hard to keep him engaged and sometimes it’s hard to even...
  3. hannahe01

    Harness training cat

    Hey all. So I purchased a lead and harness for my cat months and months ago. I put it on him occasionally, he always hated it lol. And I left it in the house so he could get familiar with it and realize it’s not anything to be scared of. I’ve been doing research about the best way to train a cat...
  4. hannahe01

    Good quality wet food recommendations?

    So I’ve been feeding my 2 yo cat fancy feast pate wet food for awhile now and also dry food (purina pro plan weight management) to munch on throughout the day. I’m slowly starting to change his feeding schedule and diet based on the recommendations of a behavior specialist but I don’t know what...
  5. hannahe01

    At my wits end with my weirdo kitty.

    Hi all. I’d like to preface this by saying I love my cat, I really really do. He’s been with me for two years and I’ve had him since he was around 6 weeks old. He’s my little man. He’s always been a strange cat, but lately he’s been even weirder than his usual. I’m not sure what to do or how to...
  6. hannahe01

    How much sleep is too much sleep?

    Just curious about y’all’s opinions on this! My two year old kitty mochi loves his naps. On average I would say he naps/sleeps about 14-17 hours per day. Usually we have a play session first thing in the early morning before breakfast, he naps, if I’m home during the day we may have a shorter...
  7. hannahe01

    Anxiety meds?? Are they necessary?

    My cat seems to be dealing with some anxiety as of lately. To be fair, there’s been a lot of big change in less than a year. Between my fiancé moving in, moving to a new apartment, and fostering a cat for three months. I’ve tried calming chews and CBD but I am not sure they’re helping (not to...
  8. hannahe01

    Cat licked his leg bald. Hotspot?

    I’m pretty sure my cat has a hotspot. He’s occasionally has had these before, spots where he will lick until it’s naked and pink. They usually clear up on their own without an issue however this one is large. It looked better this morning because he’d been leaving it alone for a day but this...
  9. hannahe01

    Cat no longer sleeps on my bed. Why is that?

    I know cats change up their preferred sleeping spots and that’s fine BUUUUT I do miss my cat snuggles at night and in the mornings. Without fail every night mochi, my 2 yo used to come into bed with me at night for a bit. He always got down to do is own thing while I slept but he would come...
  10. hannahe01

    Cat behavior after anesthesia

    Hey guys, me again. I took my 2 yo mochi into the vet this morning to have a cyston his face drained. I gave him 100 mg of gabepentin before the vet (about three hours before) because he gets extremely stressed and aggressive at the vet. They put him under to remove his facial cyst due to the...
  11. hannahe01

    Feeling rejected by my cat!

    Hey y’all. I’m not really sure where to begin and I feel really silly writing or thinking this. I’m hoping I’m not alone in feeling this way. I’ve had my cat for two years. He’s never been the type to be super affectionate and lovey (except when he was a small kitten.) but he would always at...
  12. hannahe01

    Cat turned into cat from hell at the vet.

    My 2 yr old mochi has never been the type of cat to be overly sweet/affectionate. He’s nice on his own terms but is never mean to us. He doesn’t bite unless he gets over stimulated. he’s also always done very well in the car, never meows, never cry’s, and he likes his carrier so much he sleeps...
  13. hannahe01

    How much playtime does a 2 year old adult cat need?

    Hello all! Happy Wednesday! I’m just curious on everyone’s opinion on this subject. I play with my cat as much as he’ll allow me to. Lol some days he’s moody and others he plays alllll throughout the day! But we never miss a day of play. I make it a point to play daily, multiple times. (Usually...
  14. hannahe01

    What is this?! Can anyone help.

    Hi, so my cat has had this lump on his face for awhile. It’s been there since he was a younger kitten. It doesn’t seem to bother him, it doesn’t seem like it hurts when it’s touched. The vet says it’s probably nothing to worry about and that it’s a fatty lump of some sort but I think it may have...
  15. hannahe01

    Strange behavior in two year old cat

    Hi all. I’ve noticed some off behavior from my cat over the last three days. He’s eating but definitely less than normal. I moved his food from its usual spot into our closet next to his carrier that he likes to sleep in and he did eat when I moved it, but he’s still eating a bit less than...
  16. hannahe01

    Moody cat

    My cat spent the beginning of the week absolutely refusing to play AT ALL. I tried for hours to get him to play each day and he just wanted to sleep and sleep. the last two days he’s been playing a ton, making up for those days he refused I guess lol. He’s been jumping and running and rolling...
  17. hannahe01

    Adult cat suckles on my finger

    My 2 year old cat sucks on my finger occasionally. He’s done it since he was a kitten. I’m not concerned I think it’s actually really cute lol but I’m wondering why he does it and if y’all’s cats do that too. He literally pulls my hand toward him with his paw if I try and pull it away 😂
  18. hannahe01

    Do your cats ever have days where they don’t seem interested in playing?

    My cat is 2. I’ve posted here many many times. I’m basically anxious 24/7 in general and I’m taking medication/going to therapy for it so that’s great BUUUUT I still can’t help but worry about everything. Especially the cat. I love him to death. I do everything to make sure he has the best life...
  19. hannahe01

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    My cat grooms often. Not excessively I don’t think. Just every so often. I’ve noticed tho that he has a spot that looks like this from licking. I’m wondering if this is something to be concerned about?
  20. hannahe01

    Is this a normal activity level?

    My 2 year old cat is one lazy chonk. Most of the time. On average we typically have two play sessions a day. Both of them ranging anywhere from 15-45 minutes each. Sometimes less and sometimes more depending on what’s going on and if I’m home. His biggest burst of energy is in the mornings when...