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  1. kittenpetals

    Major loss of appetite after convenia?

    My cat had an injection of convenia 5 days ago, since then she’s had zero interest in food when she usually has a great appetite. 2 days after the convenia she was also vomiting. I’m spending almost an hour at a time hand feeding her each little bit of wet food, even then she only seems to get...
  2. kittenpetals

    Worried about food poisoning

    I just fed my girl a wet food pouch of purina pro plan, she was more than halfway done and I noticed a disgusting piece of chicken in there and stopped immediately. The rest didn’t seem bad, just not as soft and less gravy. When I inspected the pouch I noticed a decent sized rip on the bottom...
  3. kittenpetals

    Loss of appetite after deworming

    I was wondering if it’s normal for cats to lose their appetite after worming? I gave her drontal almost 3 days ago and she’s been noticeably off her food. She’s had it in the past before though and she’s been fine. I’m just worried because she has a bone marrow disorder and loss of appetite...