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    From Deborah ~ about her Tiny Toot

    I had read about Rainbow Bridge and this month on the 21st makes the one year anniversary that my Tiny Toot entered Rainbow Bridge. I know that one day she will be at the end of the Bridge waiting for me to cross, with her purrs and her wagging tail. The Bridge is a beautiful place where our...
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    Congratulations to TCS

    This may be old news to members here ~ but I was reading the May 22nd edition of the Awake magazine the other night. This is published twice monthly by the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. On page 14, there was an interesting article on the Scottish Fold Breed of Cats. Quoted in the...
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    Happy Birthday Jeanie G!

    When I came here tonight on another matter, My personal birthday list was staring me in the face and what did I see? Jeanie's Birthday! I know that Jeanie is not here right now - but should she see this I would like to wish her a wonderful and delightful day ~ one filled with blessings and...
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    Very impressive site

    Laurie and Christie. I stopped by just to tell you all how wonderful your new site is. is such a selfless gift to the internet. I am proud of you both! Deb
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    Dusty and BabyCat 34

    I am fostering a 3-4 week old ktiten named Dusty! He is beginning to want to transition to some solid food. What luck I had when I read Hissy's comments on the home page! I bought a bag today and wet it with some of his formula! I could not get him away from it. I would say that BabyCat 34...
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    Penuche News Flash!!

    NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!! Penuche also got his new forever family today! All my babies are now safe with their new loves! Thank you EVERYONE for sharing this with me!
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    Baby boy

    My old fella has been with us 18 years this month. I just got back from the Vet with him - he has been vomiting for about a week - sometimes food and sometimes mucus and stuff. They did a bunch of blood work (to the tune of a lot of $$) and are running it for hyperthroidism. His kidneys are...
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    O'Henry and Snickers :)

    Adoptton news!!! BOTH Henry and Snickers went to their new forever families today! I am so very pleased for them. The shleter let me know this afternoon when Snickers was fast asleep in her new dad's arms standing there! One of my friends from work went and adopted Henry today - so I will get...
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    I picked up our new foster baby tonight. Her new name is Buttons and she is a sweetie. She is recovering from a broken pelvis and needs lots of extra care and attention! She came to the right place - cause without the other 4 the house was waaaaaay too quiet last night! I will try to post a...
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    Young Cat with broken pelvis

    Tomorrow I will begin to foster a young female kitty with a borken pelvis. I understand from the SPCA that she needs to be confined for about a month. They feel she will get a lot more attention here, instead of in one of their back rooms. Ady advise on her care would be appreciated. I have...
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    Foster Babies leaving tomorrow!

    O'Henry,Penuche,Necco and Snickers will leave my home tomorrow for their temp stay at the local SPCA. They will be adopted from there! I will miss them terribly and my house will seem very quiet without them. These 4 are nine weeks old now and are doing just great. Each has their own...
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    It was a typical New England winter day in Decemnber 2000. The snow was so cold, there was fog rising from it. As my husband stood gazing at the freezing temperature outside, he noticed a thin, raggedy golden cat. She was eating a frozen roll, tossed out for the birds. Her ribs were showing...
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    I could use your prayers

    I have lost three of the magnificant 7 today. O'Henry is not doing well and appears to be fading as well. I am doing everything that I was advised and it is not working. He really needs your help.......... I ask for your prayers for O'Henry and Necco and Penuche. Thank you Deb
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    My Three Angels

    Today has been a very sad one and one that will ache in my heart for a long long time. Godiva - Chunky and Truffles all passed to the Bridge. Each was very sick last night and nothing seemed to help the situation. They were all so small and fragile. I am so very sorry that I could not keep...
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    Diaper rash?

    Two of the magnificant 7 have red and swollen genitalia,(sp) I just put some vaseline on them, but was wondering if getting some A&D ointment would be OK? I am cleaning them daily with wipes for cats. Maybe this is the problem? Too harsh? Thanks Deb
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    KMR formula question

    Mixing instructions are not very clear and my family is insisting that I am doing it wrong. The directions read 2 scoops mix for 3 scoops of water....Now I am interpreting this to mean equal amounts, but hubby and son say that the small side is for the formula mix and the larger side for the...
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    D.T. Tuesday

    Good morning/afternoon/evening all! It has been a while since I have started one of these, so here goes! I snuck out here early and covered up the kitty condo with a blanket, so the wonderful 7 would stay a little quiet! I know, bad mommy!! I stayed home yesterday, using the brat pack as an...
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    Throw up

    As you know, I am fostering 7 kittens that are between 3 and 4 weeks old. I used KMR formula and have had no problmes. However, over this weekend I was running very low. I called my Vet to get more, but they were out and sold me VET kitten replacement formula. I have compared ingrediants, etc...
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    KIMWARD talks a lot! :)

    CONGRATULATIONS of reachig your 200th post! Feels good doesn't it? :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: Keep on talking!!! :tounge2:
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    7 little wonders...

    Today I got a call from the SPCa asking if I would think about taking home a package of 7 orphaned fur babes that need care! What was to think about? I said YES and promptly drove over to pick them up. They are between 3 and 4 weeks old and very beautiful. One looks like a seal point siamese...