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    Kitten with lice

    Would love to see a picture of this little guy!
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    To Dyson Cordless Vacuum Owners, Past & Present

    Just can’t do the cordless. Not vacuums, weed eaters or blowers If I’m going to clean it would drive me crazy to have to stop to charge up my tool. My first dyson lasted over 10 years and I loved it I just replaced it with the (corded) dyson slim animal ball. This one is even better I had a...
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    2 yo cat sometimes chases kitten (12 weeks)

    Would love some pictures
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    Pregnant cat

    She is beautiful Please keep us posted We will need pictures of the kittens haha You have support here for the birth if needed
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    Stray cat roaming around

    If you can get close enough please check his collar It May have gotten to tight if no one is checking him
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    Dr. Elsey's Dry Food Shortage

    When I saw Dr Elsey had new flavors of dry out I emailed and ask for samples They sent me several little bags but enough to see if your cat will like it Mine like the chicken best too over the salmon But they gobbled up all the new flavor samples I can’t feed Dr Elseys all the time but I do as...
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    Kitten gender help

    I think it’s a girl
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    Possible Pregnancy?

    We don’t know what the circumstances we be until she gives birth So Please keep posting We are here to help
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    Cat with stomatitis

    I would be glad to You May have to remind me with a post
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    Possible Pregnancy?

    She is beautiful! Who is the other cat beside her? You said there was a stray with kittens Just wondering if the stray kitty was with you when she had her kittens? I had to spay 2 at once and found that the shelter where I live does it for a very reduced rate Its something you can check out Its...
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    Separating my cat from her siblings

    I agree another cat would be best Would your roommate like to adopt one? If so then it would be a great thing to share in They obviously don’t mind you having a cat so they might love the idea If not you could get the playmate
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    Golf Course Kitty is a stray?

    I love it when things work out! Would love more pictures
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    Cat with stomatitis

    My sister faced the same situation as you with a cat from a rescue He was 1 when they got him Their vet tried medication for a bit but then recommended extraction Her regular vet also had specialty training After the teeth removal he is doing great Can only eat wet food of course but is so much...
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    Golf Course Kitty is a stray?

    Yea! I’m so glad you have her
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    Is my cat pregnant?

    Congrats Raven is stunning by the way What does the dad look like?
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    Meet my new rescue, Frances!

    What a horrible person that would throw him out of a car Imagine how scared he must have been escaping the storm under your car On the other hand what wonderful people you and your boyfriend are Taking care of his medical issues and being in a loving home Jackpot!