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  1. yayi

    About surprises in FB

    It's not only the first time it has happened to me but is it normal to see that your grown up children are suddenly far away( like overseas) without telling you? And you only find out when they post it in Facebook? It kinda hurts...
  2. yayi

    Kitty joins in daily dog walks

    One of my cats, Cheesekee, rescued at a young age, is best pals with my dog Virac. I take Virac for walks 2x a day. At 5:30 am and 8 pm. Both times. Cheesekee joins us. All my cats are indoor outdoor but I have never had one stray very far from home. This Cheesekee is something else. She gets...
  3. yayi


    Is there a way to shut them up?   It has been raining a lot lately and these frogs have come out and their "singing" at night is damn annoying. 
  4. yayi

    Catster's forums closing

    I received an email today informing me that Dogster and Catster will be shutting down in March. The reason was they can't compete with FB and Twitter, etc. Guess not enough ads or sponsors to keep the sites up. 
  5. yayi

    Friendly touching

    My boy Ni is now in a new animal hospital near home. He is doing well. The new vet is young and very caring for the animals, but I was a bit uncomfortable because he tended to pat my shoulders and back when he gave me a tour of the new facilities, when he showed me the results of Ni's blood...
  6. yayi


    Panda, my sweet and very people friendly kitty is a drooler. She loves humans, she will go on anybody's lap and cuddle BUT she drools whenever she does it.  It's her way of saying she likes you. Is this normal?
  7. yayi

    Revenge via black magic?

    One of my employees had to take a leave of absence to take care of her brother who suddenly got very sick seemingly over night. The doctors can't seem to find the cause or the cure for these terrible symptoms - a bloated stomach, "smoke" coming out of his mouth, extreme pain all over the body...
  8. yayi

    who says cats are the main cause of bird decline?

    Yesterday afternoon, I heard birds chirping like crazy. I went out to the garden and found a pair flying over a fledgling. It must have gotten tired and fell to the grass and its parents were frantic. I picked the baby up and realized that even with all the noise not one of my cats went out to...
  9. yayi

    A question for those with cat burglars

    My Cali was watching me using a pencil. When I put it down, she grabbed it with her mouth, jumped off the desk and ran away with it. I have searched everywhere and can't find the pencil. For those of you with thieving kitties like Cali, where could she have hidden it? What are the common places...
  10. yayi

    Less processed food, less scooping

    I miscalculated the weekly ration of home cooked/raw food for my crew so I was forced to give them canned food for one day. The next morning when cleaning the litter box, I noticed that I had twice more to scoop. Then I remembered that before I switched to home cooked/raw food, the litter boxes...
  11. yayi

    Mom loses money when visiting friend

    My mom often visits her best friend. They're both 88 years old. Her friend lives with her tomboy daughter and her partner. Twice my mom returned home with her wallet empty. According to her, she leaves her bag in her friend's bedroom when it's time to eat, and does not recall giving away money...
  12. yayi

    Ni's eye

    Two days ago, I noticed that Ni's right eye's pupil was twice larger than the left. There was no swelling or discharge. Ni was in his normal, good behavior. After about 10 hours, the condition disappeared and has not recurred. Anyone has any idea of what could have caused it? I will bring him to...
  13. yayi

    Kuro again!

    Kuro is crazy!  He is 5 months old and quite active. My old, blind, arthritic dog, Jello, is his new victim. Kuro will pounce on him anytime, even when Jello is asleep. What I don't get, with 2 sisters as playmates, is why he has to pick on a dog who can't even run or move in a normal way. Jello...
  14. yayi

    A sign of things to come?

    Kuro, male, 5 months old, is fond of bringing in fallen, dry leaves from the outside. He plays with them for hours until he finds something else to do (like wrestling with his sisters). He has been successful in catching butterflies and other insects that manage to get in the house. Sometimes I...
  15. yayi

    My granddaughter

  16. yayi

    Tree conquest

    Kuro, Cali and Panda are quite agile considering their malnourished start in life. During one of our daily trips in the garden, Kuro and Cali decided to try out one of the thinner trees. Panda is not good at climbing (she has a mild deformity in her hips) but Cali and Kuro are pretty much into...
  17. yayi

    Litter box is a playground

    The 3 "terrors" have a new "lets drive mom crazy" behavior. They like playing in the litter boxes. They put a toy and then kick it around inside the box. The kittens then jump in and out of the box. Sometimes they bury the toy then dig it up. By the time they are done the box is half empty and...
  18. yayi

    Kitten question

    My 3 kittens are now fond of putting bits of newspaper in the water bowl. There are 5 bowls spread around the house but in this one they seem to hang around and after "spicing" it with paper, they drink. I have also seen them just staring at the paper in the water. What gives?
  19. yayi


    The kittens are about 4 months old. I was sitting with them on the sofa, cuddling and playing. Well, when I was busy with one, the other two lay down by my sides and stretch their paws inside my pockets. They were able to get the tissues and the house keys. The boy, Kuro, even kicked the keys...
  20. yayi

    Three kittens enjoying the afternoon

    Panda, Cali and Kuro spending an afternoon outside. Panda is the explorer. Cali and Kuro will follow Panda if they feel like it. Virac, the dog, is quite protective of the kittens.